COMP205P - Systems Engineering Project 2

This database contains 2016-17 versions of the syllabuses. For current versions please see here.

PrerequisitesSuccessful completion of COMP204P
Taught ByGraham Roberts, Dean Mohamedally, TBA

This module forms the second half of an extended group project that runs from October through to April. It continues directly on from COMP204P, with the goal of delivering a working proof of concept prototype.

The module is entirely group work based, building on the results obtained from COMP204P. It continues the theme of being a highly practical module, requiring extensive lab work and good group working skills. Groups typically take an iterative approach to develop their proof of concept design, while maintaining regular contact with their client. A particular emphasis is placed on testing of the prototype to demonstrate that it works according to the specification that has been developed and meets the client needs. The proof of concept prototype should have the potential to be developed into a design for a production version of the system.


There are two presentation sessions. In January groups give a one minute Elevator Pitch presentation, to define their project specification and goals. In April, the module finishes with a formal presentation and demonstration day, delivered to an invited audience of clients and industry representatives.

Learning OutcomesAfter completing the module attendees will be able to:
  • organise and manage a substantial development project.
  • understand the processes and life cycle stages needed to deliver a system.
  • effectively evaluate alternative design decisions.
  • apply sound engineering principles.
  • document and deliver a working proof of concept prototype.
  • define a testing strategy and test a system.
  • evaluate and assess the project work done and the group members.
  • plan and deliver a high quality presentation, and give a demonstration of their prototype. 


• Group working
• Process management
• Elevator Pitch Presentation
• Selecting and using tools, libraries and frameworks
• Designing and building a proof of concept prototype
• Testing
• Formal presentation and demonstration of prototype

The module includes a Scenario Week where students will work on Information Security.

Project work
The project work continues from the start of term in January and runs through to late April when the final submission is made. A project website is used to store all documentation, deliverables and other artefacts.

Group formation: Students remain in the same groups that were set up in COMP204P.

Group deliverables: Regularly bi-weekly progress reports, two formal review meetings and the final version of the project website with the specified content. Also an Elevator Pitch presentation and a final formal presentation with a prototype demonstration.

Individual deliverable: Each student is required to submit an individual report giving an evaluation of the project and an assessment of each group member including themselves.

Method of Instruction

Online material. Lab classes. Group project reviews and group working. 


The module has the following assessment components:

  • Coursework (100%)

To pass this course, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 40% for all components combined.

The coursework component is assessed as follows;

  • Individual assessment of group work:

    • Individual report and contribution (35%);

  • Group assessment of group work:

    • Elevator Pitch Presentation (5%);
    • Scenario Week (15%);
    • Group website (20%);
    • Group Presentation and Demonstration (25%).




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