COMPGA11 - Research in Information Security

This database contains 2016-17 versions of the syllabuses. For current versions please see here.

Year MSc
Prerequisites None
Term 2
Taught By Steven Murdoch (100%)
Aims To develop an understanding of what research in information security is about, how to identify a contribution, what the quality standards in scientific publications are, and to study selected technical sub-topics in depth.
Learning Outcomes Students will be exposed to research on information security, by reading quality technical research papers in information security.


Students attend lectures and read scientific papers within an area of information security. The students will present a scientific paper in class, write two short reviews of papers presented in class, and write one detailed report about one paper in particular.

Method of Instruction:

Lectures and directed study on information security literature


The module has the following assessments:

  • Oral presentation in class (20%)
  • Coursework (20%)
  • Report (60%)

To pass this module, students must:

  • Obtain a mark of at least 50% for the module overall.




Original scientific literature from proceedings or journals.