Sources of support

Support and wellbeing

As a student at UCL, you have a range of support options available to you, covering the full range of student life, and we strongly encourage you to seek out support if and when you need it.

Support within the department

The following staff can provide you with support and guidance on a range of issues.

Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor can provide you with pastoral support and guidance, and can advise on many aspects of your studies. You should meet with your Personal Tutor at least once each term, but we encourage you to meet with them as often as you need, and especially if you get into difficulty.

See the teaching contacts page for how to get in touch with your Personal Tutor.

Programme Director

Your Programme Director can help with most academic issues, including module selection, issues affecting your studies or completion your assessments, any options available to you in relation to your academic progression (for example, module/ programme transfer, interim award, reassessment), and sources of learning support in relation to the programme (for example, where can learn more about a concept you find difficult.)

See the teaching contacts page for how to get in touch with your Progrmame Director.

Programme Administrator

Your Programme Administrator can help you with many issues relating to their studies, particularly those relating to UCL and departmental processes, including student records, module selection, coursework submission, extenuating circumstances, and complaints. They can also direct you towards other appropriate sources of support, depending on your circumstances.

See the teaching contacts page for how to get in touch with your Programme Administrator.

Departmental Inclusion Leads

The Departmental Inclusion Leads [Formerly Departmental Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers (DEOLOs)] can support and advise you in relation to issues of dignity and equality, including for example: gender equality; diversity; support for pregnant students; religion and faith equality; LGBT+ support; estranged students; and student parents. The Inclusion Leads are:

Departmental Tutor

The Departmental Tutor is the department’s educational lead, who oversees teaching and learning and student matters. They can support you in relation to almost any issue, but particularly if you experience issues with how your programme is run, or if you run into significant difficulties. The Departmental Tutor is:

UCL Support services

UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing website brings together information on the wide range of support services available to all students, including from the Student Centre; Student Disability Services; Student Psychological Services; and the International Student Support and Welfare Team.

Students' Union UCL Advice Service

The Students' Union UCL offer a free, confidential advice and support service; trained caseworkers can give you advice about academic issues (including examination irregularities and student complaints); housing matters (including contract check and housemate disputes); employment (including unpaid wages and part time employment contracts); and many other legal and university matters.

Immediate help

If you or anyone is in is in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others:

  • Go directly to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department of the nearest hospital: University College Hospital is the nearest A&E department to UCL’s main campus
  • Call 999 to request an ambulance if you are unable to reach the hospital yourself

See crisis support for details.