Current Students

Student surveys

Student surveys are used as a means of understanding students’ experience through the programmes, for informing the ongoing development of programmes, surfacing issues, providing data to inform national benchmarking schemes (for example, the Teaching Excellence Framework), and for providing students and potential students with information to help them choose the right programme and institution (for example, via Unistats.)

The UCL Teaching and Learning site provides a comprehensive overview of undergraduate and postgraduate student surveys and when these run.

In summary, students will be asked to complete the following surveys:

  • New to UCL Survey (all students)
  • UCL Student Experience Survey (BSc/ MEng Y2)
  • National Student Survey (BSc Year 3; MEng Year 4)
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (MSc)
  • Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (MRes)

We will also ask you to provide feedback on your modules at the end of each term, and your programme overall at the end of your studies. This is a critical component of programme development and efforts to enchance the student experience.