Please find below all of the forms required for PhD studies in .doc format.


If you cannot find the form you need, or the form will not download, please email Sarah Turnbull at 

First Year Viva

Submission form template

Assessor feedback template


You will need to submit a Report and summary form to your supervisor, assessment panel, the graduate tutor  and your administrator before the date of the viva. Once that is done, your assessment panel should complete the feedback form and send a copy to you and your administrator so that your progress can be noted.


Transfer Viva


Guidance for students 

Assessor feedback template


As with your First Year viva, you will still have to submit a report and summary form a few weeks prior to the viva to your supervisor, assessment panel, the graduate tutor  and your administrator. After you have passed your viva, the examiners will need to provide a feedback form to you which will be used to process the change of registration form  -  this is very important  as without that you will not be swapped from MPhil to PhD so will not be allowed to go onto CRS or submit your final thesis.


Completing Research Status (CRS)

CRS Transfer Request form

Extension to CRS Request


Once you have completed your transfer viva and 3 years of study, and you are just writing up your thesis before your submission, you are allowed up to one year of CRS.  The major benefit of CRS is that you do not need to pay any fees while you are on CRS. The downside is that you will no longer be entitled to a desk or any space at the Department.


Final Viva and Thesis submission

Exam Entry Form

Examiner Nomination Form

Viva Guidance notes for students and examiners

Examiner Joint Report template

eThesis agreement


This is it. The end is in sight and you are almost there. As expected with the big one, there’s a fair amount more bureaucracy and admin involved, so here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Four months prior to submission of your thesis you and your supervisor will need to complete an Exam Entry Form and Examiner Nomination form. This can take a minimum of 4 weeks, so it is important that these are submitted early as if there are any queries on suitability then it can take up to 4 months.

2. Four weeks prior to the viva you will need to submit two softbound copies of your thesis to Student Records who will deliver it to your approved examiners. You must not, at any point prior to your viva, contact or speak to your examiners as this can compromise the integrity of the examination.  This includes emailing them to praise them or thank them for agreeing to act as an examiner (you laugh, it’s happened).

3. The day of the viva  you will have the option to allow your supervisor to attend, but they cannot advise you at all.  It will last around  2-3 hours and you are encouraged to enjoy it: this is your best opportunity to really discuss your work and research which you have carried out over the last 3-4 years; it can be intense, and scary (I won’t lie) but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to discuss your work with a relevant, highly esteemed, expert in your field of research. Once it’s over you will probably be told the result informally. Remember it is extremely rare for anyone to receive no corrections at all, so do not feel that you have failed if you do.

4. After the viva initially it is customary for you to celebrate in a nearby pub with your supervisor and friends ,  regardless of the outcome. After that, if you are in the majority, you will need to submit corrections to the nominated checker (usually the internal examiner or your supervisor) who will notify registry that your corrections have been accepted.

5. Final submission and award will require you to submit an e-thesis agreement and copies of your thesis. You are normally awarded at the end of the calendar month, but the ceremony may not take  place until the following September, or the one after that if you submit May or later that year. You will be able to use “Dr” from the award date, the ceremony is really that, not the actual award.


Additional information can be found here:


Supervisor Meeting Log

Meeting Log Form


With effect from the 19th October, new regulations have been put in place requesting that all  students must now confirm their engagement with the course at least once per month. This is a requirement by UCL that all students have a minimum of 1 meeting per month with either or both of their supervisors, of which no two consequent meetings can be on the phone/skype or email. This means that at least every other month there must be face to face meetings of some sort.


Students are asked to please complete the form each month and return to Sarah Turnbull at 1.04A 66-72 Gower Street, or her pigeon hole in MPEB, or by email,


**If you are unable to attend a meeting at any point within a given month, please email Sarah Turnbull with details, take an interruption or study leave to avoid being marked as AWOL**


Interruption request

Interruption Request form


It is recommended that you apply for an interruption if you are unable to research or work for any length of time. During a period of interruption you will not incur any fees and you will not be expected to progress towards submission of your thesis. Interruptions will push back your deadlines for vivas, submissions and minimum registration, effectively a "stop the clock" for up to 1 year.


Study Leave

Study Leave Request form

 This is where you are going to go study somewhere else. During this time you should remain in contact with your supervisor and continue to progress towards your submission. Your deadlines will not be adjusted for this kind of leave, but your fees will be reduced during this period. More information about the T's and C's of Study Leave can be found on the the UCL student registry's webpage


Conference Funding Request Form

Conference Funding request form


More information about this can be found on our Travel Blog


Withdrawal of study


We hope that you will not need to withdraw, but sometimes it is the best option and we will respect that decision. There is no form for this, all you need to do is email your Administrator and let them know your last date of attendance and reason for withdrawal. You will be welcome to reapply if you would like to come back, but unfortunately at that point you will be no longer officially a UCL student.


Other forms related to PhD things 

(these are mostly for supervisors)

Interview feedback

Offer form