Facilities in the Department

  • Out of Hours Work
  • Personal Workspace
  • Staff Common Room
  • Photocopying and Printing
  • Stationery and Telephones
  • Technical and Equipment

Out of Hours Work

Research students have access to the department every day of the week from 7am to 11pm.  We believe that these hours provide students with adequate time in which to work.  Should you need to access the department’s facilities outside of these times you should speak to the Department Facilities Manager, JJ Giwa-Majekodunmi (internal extension: 57001) and we will endeavour to come to a temporary arrangement.

Please remember that you are required to keep your identity card with you and displayed at all times, even in normal working hours.

Personal Workspace

The following is a basic outline of the CS policy for allocating personal workspace to research students:

  • Full-time postgraduate research student (MPhil/PhD) will be assigned a hotdesk during their first year of study and a personal desk during the following 2/3 years of their agreed period of study.
  • Desk allocations may be altered or amended (with prior consultation) with a student and/or principal supervisors, although the Head of Department may impose allocations where agreement cannot be reached.  This is primarily dependent on whether the allocated desk is utilised by the student.
  • Research staff, who are also part time PhD students, will have use of desk spaces in the Peter T. Kirstein Room.
  • PhD students will be expected to vacate the assigned desk promptly at the end of their period of registered research, and use a writing-up desk if they need to continue working in the department whilst on CRS.
  • Periods of absence (ie interruptions and/or studying abroad) must be notified to JJ Giwa so that arrangements may be made for a desk to be re-allocated temporarily while the normal occupant is away.





Since most research students work in open plan offices they should be aware of the Department's code of conduct, which has been written for all staff, academic visitors and research students.  First year PhD students should especially take note of the information regarding the Peter Kirstein room. Both the code of conduct and information on the Peter Kirstein room are distributed during the departmental registration.

Please do try and comply with the guidelines as they have been set to ensure the best working environment!

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Staff Common Room and Meeting Rooms

Despite its name the Staff Common Room is also a space available to research students.  It is equiped with a shared fridge, microwave, and coffee machine, all of which are available for research student use, and currently also houses a football table!

Because it is a social meeting place, it is not always the best place to hold a meeting! 

If you plan to have a meeting, you can book a room by emailing the Departmental Office (facilities@cs.ucl.ac.uk).  Please ensure you do this with at least 2 days notice.  If a last-minute meeting, the Departmental Office should be able to advise you as to whether any rooms may be available.  For Campus wide room bookings you should contact Central Room Bookings on facilities@cs.ucl.ac.uk, or see Central Room Bookings website for more contact details and room availability.

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Photocopying and Printing

Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities are available to all research students in the department free of charge.  The machine is located in the copier room (5.24).  There are no limits to students' quotas, though we do ask that you try to restrict your usage to work-related jobs.  Please report any problems with the machine to the Departmental Facilities Manager, JJ Giwa, in the Department Office (5.17, x33669).

UCL libraries also have photocopying facilities. These require a specific card which can be purchased from machines in the libraries themselves. 

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Stationery and Telephones

The department keeps stationery, pens, pads of paper, folders, ohps, etc. which students can use freely but must sign for.  This procedure is exactly the same for staff as well as students, again to try and keep usage to that that is necessary.

We currently endeavour to provide all research students in the department with a direct telephone line at their desk space.  Student telephones are restricted to internal calls only and are for work purposes, not for personal phone calls.  To ensure it is not misused users will be charged for any calls that exceed the £20 monthly limit.  If the project you are working on requires you make calls exceeding this limit your PI needs to arrange with the Department Facilities Manager, JJ Giwa (5.17, x33669) for the excess to be charged to the project.  If you require a phone itself, you should also request this from the Department Facilities Manager.

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Equipment and Technical Support

We aim to provide new PhD students with an existing machine when they first arrive, until their requirements are clear.  For students whose equipment is not covered by Research Council, project grant, or other funding source, the Department of Computer Science will also fund a new workstation. 

This purchase has to be firstly discussed with a student's supervisor & the Gradute Tutor (all research students will only get bought equipment once).  Once agreed, the primary supervisor should send their specifications to the CS Technical Support Group by emailing request@cs.ucl.ac.uk (cc to the Graduate Tutor - a.hunter@cs.ucl.ac.uk & Postgraduate Administrators, cs.researchdegrees@ucl.ac.uk), who will provide a quote and organise the purchase.

For technical support generally see the Department's Technical Support Group pages as well as for information about other facilities, and additional guides to setting up and using the department's technical facilities, software etc:

  • Local tools under Unix (and DOS/Windows); X, text editors (emacs, jove, vi), document preparation (psroff, TeX, LaTeXe, FrameMaker, Word, WordPerfect), electronic mail, bulletin boards (especially Internet);
  • Access to UCL ISD facilities;
  • Departmental document series;
  • Other local facilities.

Technical problems or requests for assistance should be sent to request@cs.ucl.ac.uk for the problem to be picked up by the TSG Helpdesk (Room 4.22, x37280).

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