Passing a module

In order to pass a module, you must:

  • achieve an overall mark in the module of 40% for modules at FHEQ Levels 4, 5 and 6; and 50% for modules at FHEQ Level 7);
  • achieve a mark in any non-condonable assessments of 40% for modules at FHEQ Levels 4, 5 and 6; and 50% for modules at FHEQ Level 7);
  • satisfy any minimum qualifying marks set for assessments;
  • complete the module (undergraduate programmes only)

In order to complete a module, you must:

  • satisfy any completion thresholds set for assessments (undergraduate programmes only).

Specific requirements are given via the Module directory (syllabus) and via the module’s moodle page. For non-Computer Science modules you should check the requirements with the parent department.

Failure of one or more modules

If you fail one or more module at the first attempt, and are eligible, you will be permitted one further attempt at the failed module/s. If you pass a module you cannot be reassessed in it regardless of your mark.

How students are reassessed depends on the number of credit/ course-units they have failed.

  • Students who fail in up to and including 60 credits (4.0 course units) will be required to undertake reassessment at the next opportunity, which will be in the Late Summer Assessment Period.
  • Students who fail more than 60 credits (4.0 course units) will be required to repeat the module/s in the following academic year (unless this is deemed impossible); they will attend classes and pay fees.

The Student Handbook section on assessment (consequences of failure) sets out in more detail the distinction between resitting and repeating.

Failure of an Extra-Mural Year (Industry placement)

Students on the BSc/ MEng programmes who take an Extra-Mural Year (Industry placement) will be required to complete a written report as the summative assessment. The report will be submitted to the host company for approval and then to the department for marking. The assessment is Pass or Fail only, so no mark is awarded.

Students who fail to submit a report on-time will be deemed to have failed and will be provided with a second deadline, which will formally count as a second attempt. Failure to submit at the second attempt will result in a final mark of zero and failure of the module; the module will not be deemed to be incomplete.

Failure of a Study Abroad Year

Students on the MEng (International Programme) who fail the Study Abroad Year will be transferred to an non-Study Abroad variant of their programme.