Personal tutoring

All students will be allocated to a Personal Tutor within the Department Computer Science by the end of induction week. Each Personal Tutor will contact their tutees to organise their initial meeting, during which arrangements for subsequent meetings will be discussed.

Personal Tutors take an interest in their tutees as individuals and offers guidance on their personal and professional development. If and when needed, a Personal Tutor provides a safety net for the students' physical, mental and emotional welfare; acting as a point of referral to avert crisis. However, the normal tutoring role provides facilitation and guidance on a more everyday basis, so that the student can independently integrate the academic and extracurricular elements of their learning and development.

You should meet with your Personal Tutor at a minimum once per term. The tutor/ tutee relationship is an important one, and you should actively engage with this. Personal Tutors not only provide pastoral support and advice and guidance on academic issues, but often will act as the students’ academic referee in the future (and including post-graduation.)

For some programmes, personal tutor meetings take the form of small tutorial groups, where tutees meet with their personal tutor collectively.