Current students

Open hour with the Heads of Department

The Head of Department and Deputy Heads of Department hold a regular open hour for current students to raise and discuss with them any issues, concerns or suggestions they may have. Students are welcome to attend without an appointment.

Term 1

03-Oct-2017Prof John Shawe-TaylorMPEB, Room 5.14
17-Oct-2017Prof Steve Hailes66-72GS, Room 5.06
03-Nov-2017Prof Anthony Steed66-72GS, Room 4.13
16-Nov-2017Prof Yvonne Rogers66-72GS, Room 2.13
29-Nov-2017Prof John Shawe-TaylorMPEB, Room 5.14

Term 2

12-Jan-2018Prof Anthony Steed66-72GS, Room 4.13
23-Jan-2018Prof John Shawe-TaylorMPEB, Room 5.14
08-Feb-2018Prof John Shawe-TaylorMPEB, Room 5.14
22-Feb-2018Prof Steve Hailes66-72GS, Room 5.06
05-Mar-2018Prof Anthony SteedMPEB, Room 4.13
20-Mar-2018Prof John Shawe-Taylor66-72GS, Room 5.06

Term 3

24-Apr-2018Prof John Shawe-TaylorMPEB, Room 5.14
08-May-2018Prof Steve Hailes66-72GS, Room 5.06
21-May-2018Prof Anthony Steed66-72GS, Room 4.13
07-Jun-2018Prof Yvonne Rogers66-72GS, Room 2.12