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Learning agreements and support

Learning agreement at UCL

What is a learning agreeement?

A learning agreement [pdf] is a formal written contract between a student and the university that is intended to support students who have experienced difficulties, including attendance problems, coursework submission problems, communications problems, and welfare issues.

The learning agreement will set out what UCL will do to support the student, which may include additional support or special arrangements, as well as the conditions which the student agrees to meet. The agreement will also specify any penalties that will be applied where the agreement is breached, which may include termination of studies [pdf].

When is a learning agreement issued?

A learning agreement will always be issued where a student is barred from summative assessment [pdf] due to low-attendance; this will specify the conditions a student must meet in order for the bar to be lifted (for example, they may be required to meet a higher than usual rate of attendance with a set period.)

Where a student returns following a suspension of studies on grounds of academic insufficiency [pdf], students must enter into a learning agreement.

What happens if an agreement is breached?

The department will periodically review compliance with learning agreements; if a student breaches their agreement then any special measures will be withdrawn and any penalties set out in the agreement will be applied.

Sources of support

Learning agreements are intended to get students back on track by providng structured support. If you find yourself in a situation where, for whatever reason, you are not able to attend, submit work, or otherwise engage with your programme then you should seek out and access support.

UCL offers a wide range of support services, and your Personal Tutor, Programme Director, and Programme Admnistrator, and the Departmental Tutor can also provide advice and guidance (see teaching contacts.)