Feedback on assessments

Feedback for Computer Science modules

You will receive feedback on the assessed work you take through your programme. Feedback aims to help you understand how well you have achieved the learning outcomes for the module/ assessment task, to help you identify gaps in your own knowledge, and to inform your future learning (i.e. how to improve.)

Mechnisms for delivering feedback vary by department, so if you are taking non-Computer Science modules you should check arrangements with the relevant parent departments.

What does feedback look like?

Feedback on assessments can be in different forms depending on the nature of the assessment. You should recieve a variety of forms of feedack throughout your programme. These may include, for example:

  • Written comments;
  • Annotations on a piece of work;
  • An annotated marking grid;
  • Annotated grade descriptors;
  • Model or indicative answers;
  • Automated feedback (e.g. for MCQs and some programming tasks);
  • Verbal feedback in class or in labs;
  • Verbal feedback via audio-clips/ video

Feedback can be individualised, i.e. relating to your work specifically, or it can be thematic, for example relating to common issues that students experienced.

Feedback on written examinations is normally generalised since the scope of the assessment is limited to a specific set of questions.

Students working on their final project/ dissertation should have the opportunity for feedback on a draft version prior to final submission.

When will I get feedback?

You must receive feedback on your work within 30 calendar days of the date of the assessment/ coursework submission date. If, for some reason, the lecturer cannot provide feedback within 30 days they must inform you of this as soon as possible (and this does sometimes happen due to ill-health, etc – lecturers are human too.)

If you experience delays receiving your feedback and especially if you have not been informed of when you can expect this (typically via the Moodle discussion forum), please inform this to the Departmental Tutor who will investigate.

How do I find out what feedback I will receive for my module/s?

Module Leaders should make sure that summary and comprehensive assessment information is published to Moodle at the start of the year and when assessments are set. This should include when and in what form feedback will be provided.

If this information is not published for your modules then please request it from the Module Leader in the first instance, or the Departmental Tutor if this information is not published in a timely manner.

Moodle Gradebook and My Feedback


Provisional marks for all coursework assessments (which encompasses all assessments that are not formal written examinations) will be published to you via Moodle Gradebook (in the same timeframe as feedback.) The Gradebook is a part of Moodle that will let your see all the marks you have earned for coursework tasks on a given module.

If your provisional coursework marks are not published via Gradebook in a timely manner then please inform the Departmental Tutor who will investigate.

My Feedback

Moodle My Feedback displays provisional marks and available feedback from all your modules/ coursework tasks in one place. Marks and feedback will only appear in My Feedback if these have been published by the lecturer via Moodle. We encourage all lecturers to do this where possible and appropriate (which it is not for all modes of feedback.)