Examinations at Computer Science

A written examination is a method of assessment wherein students attempt a set of questions under controlled conditions. Examinations take place during the Main Examination period and the Late Summer Assessment period.

You can find out how your modules are assessed, and whether they include an examination, via the module directory (syllabus). Please refer to the home department of any non-Computer Science modules you are taking.


If any of your modules include examinations, you will recieve a personalised examination timetable from the UCL Examinations Office before the examination period; this will include the dates, times, and venues of the examinations for your modules. You must ensure you are registered for the correct modules in order to be entered for the correct examinations. You must notify your Programme Administrator of any timetabling inaccuracies (including where any of your modules are missing) at the earliest possible time.

Examination conditions

Examinations are taken under controlled 'examination conditions', which requires that students must conduct themselves according to UCL's Examination Guide for Candidates; this limits equipment and materials that can be brought into an examination venue and how students must conduct themselves throuhgout.

Support with preparation for examinations

In order to help you prepare for examinations, UCL publishes past examination papers (where available); we encourage you to review and attempt past papers as a means of testing your own knowledge and directing your revision. Most modules will include an element of revision near the end of teaching, and some run additional revision sessions to help you prepare for the examination.

Non attendance to an examination

If a student is either absent from an examination without permission or does not attempt the paper (or attempts so little that it cannot be assessed), and provides no evidence of Extenuating Circumstances, then they will be awarded a mark of zero and the module will be 'incomplete'.

Extenuating Circumstances

If illness or other Extenuating Circumstances prevent a student from attending an examination, or affect a student’s performance at an examination, an application for extenuating circumstances should be made through the Extenuating Circumstances procedure as soon as possible (and no later than one calendar week after then examination.)

If you need advice on how to apply through the procedure, you should speak with your Programme Administrator in the first instance. A list of programme contacts is available from the teaching contacts page. The department's Extenuating Circumstances page gives further information on the procedure and sources of advice and support.

Additional sources of support

The UCL study skills guide provides useful advice on assessment and time management; we strongly encourage you to review this. If you find yourself in difficulty with an assessment, please seek support, either from the assessment-setter, your Personal Tutor or another member of staff.