Essential Information for Current Students

All students are required to familiarise themselves with the regulations and policies for their specific programme of study, as well as the university's overarching academic regulations.

Information for New Students

If you are new to the department and to UCL then we recommend that you read the following guides to help you acclimatise and to prepare for your studies.  

If you require any advice when you arrive please see your Programme Administrator in the first instance.


Academic Manual

The UCL Academic Manual contains all of the regulations and policies which relate to the approval, delivery, assessment and monitoring of UCL's programmes. The Student Guide to the Academic Manual summarises some of the most important information relevant for students in the form of an FAQ. Students are ecouraged to familarise themselves with the regulations relevant to their programme of study.

Computer Science Student Handbooks

The Computer Science Student Handbooks provide a wealth of information to guide students through their programme of study and to help access sources of advice and support. The information covers the length and breadth of the student journey, from making initial module selections right through to how degree awards are decided. It includes details of academic requirements, notification and explanation of codes, regulations, policies and procedures, as well as the other aspects of University life – sources of help and support, student representation, social opportunities, and the facilities available to students.

All students should familiarise themselves with their Student Handbook:

Please notify any corrections/suggested amendments to David Howells

Schemes of Award

The UCL Academic Manual sets out the rules and regulations that apply to all programmes. Derrogated rules that apply specifically to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences' undergraduate programmes are given in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES) Scheme of Award for Undergraduate Programmes.

Within the department, each programme has its own Scheme of Award that describes the rules and regulations that apply for that specific programme. This includes, for example, which of the modules are core, whether the assesments and modules are non-condonable, any non-standard pass marks, and what is required to achieve a degree award and classification.

Health and Safety

Everyone in the UCL Computer Science community should know how to stay safe and what to do in case of emergency. The Student Handbook provides information on Health and Safety at Computer Science. Additional information on can be found via the Health and Safety pages.