Computer Science Affiliate Students (2018/19)

The information on this page applies to Affiliate (Exchange, Junior Year Abroad, Erasmus) students based within the Department of Computer Science.

Students from other departments at UCL, or Affiliate students based outside of the Computer Science department, should refer to the Ancillary students page.

Computer Science Modules

Modules available to affiliate students are listed below by academic year and term. To find out more about these modules please visit the relevant link to the module webpage. You are strongly advised to note any prerequisites or co-requisite modules.

First year modules are at introductory level. We assume no prior Computer Science knowledge at the start of the first year, though a high level of mathematics ability is required. Second year modules assume competence in programming. Third year modules are more specialist and fourth year modules are at an advanced level.

Most modules in the CS Department (except COMP0016) are worth 15 credits. Affiliate students studying at UCL for one term must select modules worth a total of 60 credits (i.e. 4 modules). Affiliate students studying at UCL for a full academic year must select modules worth a total of 120 credits (i.e. 8 modules). As an affiliate student based within the Computer Science department, it is normally expected that at least half of your module choices are Computer Science modules.

Year 1 Modules

Year 2 Modules

very limited availability for 2018/19

Year 3 Modules

very limited availability for 2019/20

Postgraduate Modules

Electives in other UCL Departments

Modules taught by other UCL departments are sometimes available to affiliate students as electives subject to prerequisites and available spaces. Different departments have different procedures for selecting their modules and it is recommended you check with them to find out what these are. Please visit this webpage to find contact details for departments and links to modules available to affiliate students:

Selecting Your Modules

You are asked to indicate module preferences on your application to UCL as this helps us to plan our timetabling, although please note that you cannot be guaranteed a space on any module until you arrive at UCL.

Shortly before you are due to arrive at UCL, you will be contacted by the department and asked to reconfirm your module choices to the Affiliate Tutor and Administrator. Once you have enrolled you will be required to enter these module choices on Portico (UCL’s Student Information System). All modules are then subject to Teaching Department and Parent Department approval. Only once they have this approval are your selections confirmed. 

It is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure that your module choices adhere to any rules or restrictions set by your home institution.
  • Choose modules which do not have a timetable clash:
  • Ensure you meet the prerequisites for modules you choose.
  • Enter your module choices on Portico in good time and prior to the registration deadline.

Further Information