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Section 24: Health, safety and security

24.Health, safety, and security

Information on UCL’s health, safety and security policies and procedures (Centrally Provided.)

24.1.Health and safety at UCL

Information on the expected hours of study required (Central and Local.)

UCL’s overall objective is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for staff, students, people who work with UCL and those who visit. Health and safety is an integral part of the way in which UCL’s activities are managed and conducted. The UCL Safety Services webpage includes further information about health and safety policies and useful guidance and tools for risk assessment. The UCL Security Services webpage includes information regarding security operations, emergency contacts and tips for staying safe at UCL.

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24.2.Health and safety at Computer Science

The policy of the department is to promote the safety, health and welfare of all its staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public on the department's premises and to protect them elsewhere from any adverse effect on their health or safety arising from the activities of the Department.

The Head of Department is responsible for safety in connection with work done in the Department and in its name. The Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) is appointed by the Head of Department to assist them in the creation, development, monitoring and review of the department's arrangements for safe working. Computer Science has one Departmental Safety Officer:

The department has a detailed policy and related website (www.ucl.ac.uk/computer-science/safety), which describes safety procedures and policies, and lists the responsibilities of staff in relation to first aid, fire evacuation, and emergency situations.

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Out of office hours, and in all other emergencies call The Security Control Room on 222 (from any UCL Phone) or +44 (0)20 7679 2222 (from any mobile or non-UCL Phone.) Security will then obtain the full details of the emergency so that all relevant parties (internal and external) can be informed. Please state the exact location of the incident and as much useful information as possible.

24.4.First aid

Minor injuries should be treated in the department by a first aider or, if necessary, by the Accident and Emergency Department of University College Hospital (UCH), the entrance to which is 235 Euston Road.

First aid boxes (containing dressings, plasters and other stores for treating minor injuries) are available at the following locations:

  • Departmental Office (MPEB, 5th Floor, room 5.17)
  • TSG Helpdesk (MPEB, 4th Floor, room 4.20)
  • Security Desk (66-72 Gower Street, Ground floor)

If a first aider is not readily available and hospital referral is not warranted, then Ridgmount Practice (020 7387 6306) may be contacted for advice from the duty doctor or nurse (09:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday.)

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24.5.First aid

Students should report any safety issues or concerns to the Departmental Safety Officer as soon as possible. In particular, they should report fire doors that do not close properly, blocked fire exits, misplaced fire extinguishers and any other safety hazards. In the case of urgent safety problems, the assistance of any member of staff should be sought as soon as possible. The Departmental Safety Officer is:

24.6.Smoking and vaping

Smoking, vaping or being in possession of lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes is not permitted in any premises occupied or utilised by UCL staff, students and visitors, or in UCL vehicles. UCL also prohibits smoking/ vaping immediately outside the entrances or open windows of any such premises, including on the bridges between MPEB and the Roberts Building.

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24.7.1.Student ID Cards

All students will be issued with a UCL ID smart card at the beginning of their programme of study. This is an important part of UCL's security provision and students should keep this safe, and carry it with them at all times whilst on UCL premises. Students may from time to time be asked by Security staff to show their ID card, and are therefore encouraged to wear this in plain sight whilst on campus. This helps the university to provide a safe and secure environment in which to work and study.

In the event that a student loses their ID card, they should request a replacement as soon as possible by going to the Access Security Office in Andrew Huxley building (near the South Junction.)

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24.7.2.Building access

The department’s facilities are based in the Malet Place Engineering Building and 66-72 Gower Street. These buildings, as with most of the UCL estate, require a valid UCL Staff or Student ID Card to access. They are accessible to students from Monday to Friday during term. Term dates are given in Section 4: Key dates.

Opening times:

Building Opening hours
Malet Place Engineering Building 07:45 — 20:00
66-72 Gower Street 08:30 — 17:30

Please note that students are not permitted to work in the department alone at any time, and no students are permitted to work in the department’s facilities when the university is closed (i.e. over the Christmas and Easter periods and any other public holidays.)

Students should report suspicious objects, or anyone acting suspiciously, to a member of staff, or to the UCL Security on +44(0)20 7679 2222 (the emergency number on an internal phone is 222) if no departmental staff are available.

24.7.3.Computer access

Computer Science students will have access both to the department’s local computer facilities and also those provided by UCL’s Information Services Division (ISD), for example the live@ucl desktop service, computer cluster rooms across campus, quick access kiosks, library machines, and for UCL and eduroam wifi services.

Computer Science account

New students will register for their Computer Science accounts as part of their Induction Week activity. The department will ask students to review and accept the conditions of use relating to their Computer Science account and the department’s equipment and networks. Any breach of these conditions will be treated seriously, and offenders may be subject to departmental and/ or UCL disciplinary procedures.

UCL ISD account

Students having completed online pre-enrolment via Portico will already have obtained their UCL account information. Those who do not complete pre-enrolment should visit the ISD Helpdesk on the ground floor of the DMS Watson Building Library once they have enrolled.

The DMS Watson Building is the next block along, on the right-hand side as you face this building. For access students will need their UCL Student ID.

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