Departmental Research Internships

Departmental Research Internships offer intermediate-year (i.e. not first or final) students in the Department of Computer Science the opportunity to gain research experience with one of the department’s world-leading research groups.  The internships take place during the summer vacation.

Students will undertake a project under the supervision of one or more members of staff in the department.  The project lasts for between eight and ten weeks and can take place between the end of the exam period and the start of the new academic year (by arrangement between student and supervisor).  Students will be provided with necessary software and equipment to undertake the work.

Interns will be employed and paid in accordance with UCL Internship Policy (, accrue annual leave, and be entitled to statutory sick pay and other pay (see the policy for further details).  Currently the rate of pay is £10.20 per hour (the London Living Wage)with the expectation of no more than a 36.5 hr working week during the summer vacation.  Interns are subject to UKVI Right to Work in the UK requirements.

The department plans to fund up to 5 internships this year.

Application Process for Students

Students wishing to apply for a research bursary should consult the list of project proposals from members of staff posted above during application season (January - March). If a project is of interest, please contact the member of staff concerned  to arrange an initial discussion.

Each supervisor will run a "fair and open" ( procedure to select one or more students for their internship(s). Once a student and supervisor have agreed on a project, the supervisor will take over the application process.


Application Process for Supervisors

Supervisors wishing to propose projects should email these to Ilya Sergey.

Once a student has expressed interest in a project, please arrange a meeting to discuss the timing, detail and so forth.  If more than one student is interested, please arrange a fair process of assessing who is the most appropriate to take forward (e.g. a simple standard interview).

If you are happy that the student is suitable and you can agree appropriate dates, please apply for funding. The application should take the form of a one-page A4 case for support.  This should:

  • Outline the project, giving a justification for the work being undertaken by the student and how it will help to give them research experience.
  • Provide a summary of how the student will benefit from the project with regard to their career objectives.
  • Contain a summary of the student's academic performance in previous years.
  • Outline arrangements for supervision.
  • Specify the amount of subsistence expenses funding requested in weeks, plus the costs of any necessary software licences or other equipment that may be required.


Successful applicants should subsequently liaise with Dawn Bailey to arrange for their student’s financial and space provisions, and put themselves in a position to deliver the necessary induction to the student on the first day (health and safety briefing etc).

Only a single internship application on behalf of a student should be made. This requires each supervisor to choose the most suitable student for that project. This also means that each student needs to decide which is the most suitable project (in agreement with the supervisor).

Funding decisions are made on the basis of the student’s past exam performance and the project’s value to the student. The highest ranked applications will be supported, subject to the availability of funds. Supervisors will be notified shortly after the closing date for applications.

Research Group Bursaries

For projects wholly funded by the research group associated to the project, the student should contact the named researcher directly. In these cases, the research group should still make arrangements with Dawn Bailey for finance and space, informing Ilya Sergey, and taking note of UCL Internship Policy regarding the recruitment and management of interns.

Information regarding visiting students

Staff can find details of this on the Intranet here.