Departmental Undergraduate Summer Internships

The Departmental Undergraduate Summer Internships offer all current undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science the opportunity to gain research experience with one of the department’s world-leading research groups

Internships take place during the summer period (between the end of the exam period and the start of the new academic year, by arrangement between students and supervisors) and last between 8 to 10 weeks. During this period, students will be embedded within one of the department’s research groups and collaborate on an on-going project, under the supervision of one or more members of research staff.  Students will be provided with necessary software and equipment to undertake the work.

Interns will be employed and paid in accordance with UCL Internship Policy.  Currently the rate of pay is £10.55 per hour (the London Living Wage) with the expectation of no more than a 36.5 hour working week.  Interns are subject to UKVI Right to Work in the UK requirements.

The department plans to fund up to 8 internships in the summer of 2019.

Application Process

Undergraduate students wishing to apply for a summer internship should fill in an application form. The form requires students to specify:

a) the computer science topics they are interested in as a list of keywords (e.g., computer graphics, robotics; social computing, etc.)

b) the research area they would like to work on and the skills they would like to develop (500 words maximum). Students are encouraged to first explore the web page of the department’s research group that is mostly aligned with their main topic of interest (as well as those of the academics within that group);

c) [optionally] the name(s) of the researchers they would like to work with.

A short CV should also be copy-pasted as plain text within the form. If you are already aware of constraints affecting your start/end dates, please specify them (otherwise we will assume internships to mostly run from June 10th 2019 to from to August 2nd 2019).

Deadline for submissions is February 24th, 2019, midnight (GMT).

The departmental tutor and deputy departmental tutor will jointly review all applications, and select up to 8 for funding in the summer of 2019. Selection will be primarily based on student’s past academic performance (CV) and academic potential (research/project interests). Secondary factors will include balancing scholarships across the student’s year of study and across the department’s research groups. We aim to announce funded students by 15 March 2019.

Note: students do not need to seek approval from academics before submitting their application. The matching of students to projects/supervisors will be handled by the departmental tutor and deputy.