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ERC Consolidator Grant for Nataša Pržulj

Professor Nataša Pržulj has won a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant to fund her research entitled Integrated Connectedness for a New Representation of Biology (ICON-BIO). As one of just 7 recipients at UCL, she will receive €2 million over 5 years for her research.

Grants of this kind are the most prestigious single PI grants, and in this awarding round, only 13% of the 2538 research proposals will be funded. Natasa has previously received an ERC Starting Grant for her project Biological Network Topology Complements Genome as a Source of Biological Information for 2012-2017.

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Larissa Suzuki awarded the Women’s Engineering Society Award


UCL alumna Dr Larissa Suzuki has won a prestigious IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year award.

31 year old Larissa, who is Head of Data Science at Founders4School, was presented with the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) prize at the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year awards ceremony in central London last night.

On winning, Larissa said: “I am very proud and honoured to have received the award. It is a great motivation for me to continue to support women in Computing and Technology, and to ensure the success of current and past women in Computing is recognised.”

Benita Mehra, Preside... [more]

EPSRC announce £3.8M in IRC Next Steps funding for i-sense

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) have announced £3.8M in IRC Next Steps funding awarded to i-sense for their pioneering development of agile early warning sensing systems for infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance. 

Led by Professor Rachel McKendry at UCL, i-sense is an interdisciplinary research collaboration (IRC) on the cusp of revolutionalising the way we track, test and treat infectious disease globally.

The funding is part of a larger £11M boost to EPSRC’s three IRCs to support the development of leading healthcare research into National Centres o... [more]

Alumna shortlisted for Young Woman Engineer of the Year

2015 UCL alumna Dr Larissa Suzuki has made it through to the finals of the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards.

Dr Suzuki is an honorary research associate at UCL, where she completed her PhD in Computer Science in collaboration with Imperial College Business School.

Her career includes over 10 years’ experience advancing the fields of computer science and engineering. Some of her most recent achievements include helping to manage the development of technologies that support London’s growth, and while still a student at UCL contributing to the growing body of knowledge about smart ci... [more]

First-ever winner of the UCLCS Entrepreneur First prize announced

Rafie Faruq will graduate from the MSc in Machine Learning (UCL) this year, and has chosen the career path of an entrepreneur.

Last week, he was announced as the first-ever recipient of the Entrepreneur First prize, which is awarded by the Department of Computer Science to a high achieving student who demonstrates entrepreneurial and internship experience. The prize is sponsored by Entrepreneur First, Europe’s largest start-up incubator.

Rafie has been coding since he was 13. Now aged 26, he has worked at 10 different jobs that spanned the financial and economic sectors. Three of those comp... [more]

George Danezis delivers inaugural lecture at UCL

On Wednesday 1 November, Professor George Danezis delivered his inaugural lecture at UCL on the topic, 'Foiling online surveillance: new developments in anonymous communications and their applications.'

The lecture was attended by senior members of the UCL Department of Computer Science and the Information Security Research Group, distinguished academic visitors, industry members and students. Professor of Cryptology Jens Groth gave the opening address, and the lecture was closed with a vote of thanks from Dr Emiliano de Cristofaro, a reader in security and privacy enhancing technologies at U... [more]

UCL Computer Science hosts the founder of virtual reality

This article originally appeared here.

Last week, UCL Computer Science hosted Jaron Lanier of Microsoft Research, who coined the term “virtual reality” and founded one of the first companies to create and sell virtual reality equipment.

To an at-capacity lecture theatre, Lanier, who was in London to promote his latest book: Dawn of the New Everything: A Journey through Virtual Reality, described how he started as a computer scientist and what it was like in the earliest days of VR. The lecture left off from the content of his book, which he described as “part memoir, part introduction to VR”... [more]

CS student awarded top prize by the Romanian Ambassador

UCL Computer Science student Andrei Margeloiu has been awarded the Ambassador’s Diploma for Undergraduates by the Romanian Ambassador to London.

Ambassador Dan Mihalache presented the award to Andrei during the Conference of Romanian students, which was held at UCL on Friday 3 November 2017. The award is given to one Romanian undergraduate student in the UK who has achieved a distinction in their academic results for that year.

Andrei said: “I feel honoured and proud to be awarded the Ambassador's Diploma for Undergraduates. Winning this award has made me truly happy and grateful that my wor... [more]

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