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CS Research Student awarded Google Fellowship

Jie Xiong, Research Student and member of the Networks Research Group at UCL-CS has been awarded a competitive Google European Doctoral Fellowship in Wireless Networks for 2012.  Jie’s nomination, titled "Leveraging Multiple-antenna Access Points for Localisation and Wireless Security" was exemplary, championed by an expert panel of research scientists and distinguished engineers within Google who reviewed applications from across Europe.  Jie's primary research advisor is Dr Kyle Jamieson of UCL-CS.


On being awarded the Fellowship, Jie said: "It's a great honor to be awarded a Google Europ... [more]

Bill Langdon's letter published in ACM magazine

Bill Langdon, Senior Research Fellow at UCL-CS, has had a letter published in this month's issue of the ACM magazine. Essentially it is a probalistic take on the Halting Problem, which figured heavily in an article they did on Alan Turing in March.


The Halting Problem in the Clear Light of Probability, W. B. Langdon, Communications of the ACM, 2012, 55(6) page 6. See



Peter Bentley on Radio BBC Radio 4

On Thursday 14 June Dr Peter Bentley, Honorary Reader at UCL-CS, will appear on BBC Radio 4's weekly science programme 'Material World'. Peter will be covering Turing and his new book 'Digitized'.


See the Material World website here or listen to Peter's contribution on iPlayer here.

UCL-CS's 1st Robot Race 2012

On Friday 1 June CS undergraduate students participating in 'Program A Robot' module took part in the final races. Morgan Stanley kindly sponsored the event and presented trophies to the winning teams. See here for photos and a video of the final race and trophy presentation.

Dr Peter Bentley to talk at TEDxUCL

Computer Science's Dr Peter Bentley will be talking at TEDxUCL event on 3 June, at the UCL Bloomsbury Campus. This is very first TEDx event to be organized at UCL, featuring UCL talent which includes both staff and students at UCL.

sevitcepsrep” – is that a typo? a foreign word? a city? a medical term? – It could be anything you want it to be, depending on how you look at it!

Caught up in a world where rapid speed dominates everyday life, one only has time to digest information that is presented to us, but rarely do we have the time to take up further inspection, to challenge what has been ... [more]

Illustrating Mechanisms

Dr Niloy Mitra has developed techniques to illustrate the operation of complex mechanical assemblies.

Starting with a 3D CAD model of an assembly, his system infers the motions of individual parts and the interactions between parts based on their geometry and a few user specified constraints. This information is then used to generate visualisations that incorporate motion arrows, frame sequences and animation to convey the causal chain of motions and mechanical interactions between parts. The work is inspired by recent findings in cognitive psychology.

Dr Mitra's paper, which describes the wo... [more]

Robot avatar beaming put to the test

The BBC has been given an exclusive demonstration of how the technology of 'beaming' robot avatars works, allowing a kind of 'physical' interaction at a distance.

Mel Slater, Professor of Virtual Environments at UCL, demonstrated his pioneering technology to the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones. He showed how he could "beam" his wife, Dr Mavi Sanchez-Vives who was in Barcelona, into his office in London, in the guise of a robot.

Mel Slater calls beaming augmented reality, rather than virtual reality. In beaming - unlike the virtual worlds of computer games and the Second Life website - the robot or a... [more]

Prof Mark Harman appears on BBC's Click

Prof Mark Harman, Head of Software Systems Engineering Group at UCL-CS, appeared in the May 5th and 6th 2012 edition of the BBC TV programme "Click", broadcast on the BBC News Channel. In the item, Mark describes the difficulty of software testing and the problem of deadlocks in concurrent systems. The feature was a piece by Lara Lewington on "why technology appears to fail without explanation".



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