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Robot Race 2013

Our 2nd Annual Robot Race concluded with an exciting few final days racing and our winners being awarded trophies by our sponsors Morgan Stanley. The races are the culmination of our CS Undergraduate Module Robotics Programming, in which students learn to program a robot and move it successfully around a course.

The students had not seen the track layout until the morning of the race, at which point they had to battle the clocks to program their robots to understand the twists and turns of the course. See here & here for videos of our races. 

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place Ale... [more]

Turing Award winner speaks at Karen Spärck Jones lecture

The Karen Spärck Jones lecture is an annual event that honours women in computing research.

The lecture series builds on the activities to celebrate, inform and support women engaged in computing. These include the annual London Hopper, providing networking opportunities for early career researchers, and the Lovelace Colloquium, for women undergraduates in computing and related subjects.

Professor Barbara Liskov presented the 3rd Karen Spärck Jones Lecture, honouring women in computing research. This event was sponsorsed from IBM and BCS and was held at the BCS London office, and Head of Dep... [more]

VEIV exhibition and book launch - June 14th

The Virtual Environments, Imaging and Visualisation (VEIV) group are marking 10 years of research and the launch of a book with an exhibition and drinks party in the UCL quad on June 14th.

The VEIV centre is involved in the research of virtual environments and interactivity of everything from architecture to archiving.

Please sign up for free at our eventbrite page if you are able to make it.

David Barber wins "Notable Book" listing

Computing Reviews - a leading online review service for computer literature - has added David Barber's book on Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning to its "Best of 2012 list". The list consists of book and article nominations from the service's reviewers, CR category editors, the editors in chief of journals they cover, and others in the computing community.

David is a reader in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning. in the Computer Science Department at UCL.

New CS Labs for state-of-the-art teaching

With the growth of teaching in mobile technology CS has invested in new, state-of-the-art facilities for students. Two new labs and one virtual lab were designed by our very own CS Tech Support Group, which now supports all existing infrastructure and teaching.

Apps Lab 4.06, our first multi-apps platform studio laboratory, has been installed with touch screens and local device connectivity, supporting iOS, Android and Windows technologies. Meanwhile 3D Lab 1.05 is a new multi-screen lab teaching environment with multi-3D facilities; 3D printing connectivity (coming soon), stereo 3D graphics ... [more]

PassivSystems Ltd wins Knowledge Transfer Business of the Year Award

Each year UCL Enterprise hosts UCL's Award for Enterprise. This is a prestigious and high-profile event showcasing entrepreneurial and innovative work in and around UCL. 

PassivSystems, a clean-tech rapid growth start-up, has been selected as the winner of the Knowledge Transfer Business of the Year Award. This is because of the successful interdisciplinary collaborations they have established across the University, and the strong partnerships you have built with the Energy Institute, Computer Science and the UCL Interaction Centre within the KTPs and also in activity carried out beyond the K... [more]

Students' charity app wins first prize

Reading Quest Logo

First year students at UCL-CS, with the direction of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), have launched a charityware app developed for the Reading Quest charity.

The learning game app "Numbugs" won first prize in an RBS collaboration competition and was launched on the Google Play store. Several first year undergraduates studying Object Oriented Programming worked with recent finance graduates at RBS to develop a full app charity support plan. This included work packages for each student developer, professional design assets with artists and business modelling input and direction from the... [more]

Undergraduate 2nd Year Project Demonstrations with Industry

2nd Year BSc & MEng students recently presented their Systems Engineering projects to industry leaders at a specially organised presentation session. Industry partners from IBM, Microsoft and Facebook had front row seats and marked students on how their "Innovation Products" stood up to industry scrutiny. Our students worked hard over the year preparing new technology ideas and projects to address high priority use cases; such as:

  • energy analytics in homes
  • heads up display technologies in networked vehicles
  • occupancy testing in workplaces
  • bringing small businesses the benefits of cloud systems
  • a... [more]
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