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UCL ranked 4th in the QS World University Rankings

UCL has jumped 3 places to 4th in the QS World University Rankings. The QS rankings rate the world's top 400 universities, evaluating each institution's strengths in research, teaching, the employability of its graduates and international outlook.


  • 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (last year 3)
  • 2. University of Cambridge (1)
  • 3. Harvard University (2)
  • 4. UCL (7)
  • 5. University of Oxford (5)
  • 6. Imperial College London (6)
  • 7. Yale University (4)
  • 8. University of Chicago (8)
  • 9. Princeton University (13)
  • 10. California Institute of Technology (12)

UCL Entrepreneurs Society trip to Russia

The UCL Entrepreneurs Society are organising a trip to Russia in partnership with the Synergy Business School in Moscow. This will be held on the 8th – 15th September 2012 in Moscow.

Application Deadline – 24th of August 2012.
To register please fill in the application form: 

The “Doing Business with Russia” tour will feature 6 days of company visits to top financial firms and technology leaders, as well as meetings with political figures within the Russian Parliament or Government. There will be business workshops, sightseeing and practical exercises.

The pro... [more]

Microsoft UK, JP Morgan & MSc SSE/FSE mid-project assessments

UCL's MSc Software Systems Engineering (SSE) students were kindly hosted by Microsoft UK in Reading to give mid-project feedback on the students dissertation projects. The projects were presented by each group followed by a Q & A session with Microsoft. Microsoft UK have officially supported the MSc SSE projects this year with technical assistance from a number of their developer and research groups, including MSR Cambridge and the Visual Studio Team. UCL are proud to announce a number of these projects use the latest Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8 apps development.


The same mi... [more]

Chirp app uses sounds to share data

Animal Systems, a spin-off business from University College London (UCL) led by Anthony Steed, has developed a free app called "Chirp". Chirp uses sound from a smart-phone's speaker to trigger transfers of photos, web pages and contacts. The phones receiving the sound then transfer the data via the company's servers.

Existing systems share data via WiFi or Bluetooth but these require some time and effort to set up "pairing" arrangements between devices. Chirp avoids this and also enables data to be shared with multiple recipients. The sound used has been carefully chosen to enable the app to ... [more]

StuConOS conference

Welcome to StuConOS

The StuConOS conference is aimed at current undergraduate and master students. The conference will give students a chance to submit their work and to have this reviewed by a programme committee of experts. We interpret the word "optimisation" in its very broad sense: anything that improves (in any way) software or the process of making it. It will give students an initial taste of research work and a chance to publish and discuss their ideas with experts. The programme committee will review the submissions and decide on those to be accepted and the prizes to be awarded. All... [more]

Fugue participates in "State of Mind" Expo

The Fugue project presented its work at the "State of Mind: A Consciousness Expo" which took place in Brighton on July 30th. 

The Expo showcased the latest developments in the science of consciousness and took place just before the academic meeting of the association for the scientific study of consciousness (ASSC16).

Fugue project, led by Gordana Novakovic  is an on-going project which provides a new way of communicating complex scientific ideas to any audience.

Gordana says "Your brain is not the only complex and intelligent system in your body – there’s also your immune system. It’s o... [more]

CS Research Student awarded Google Fellowship

Jie Xiong, Research Student and member of the Networks Research Group at UCL-CS has been awarded a competitive Google European Doctoral Fellowship in Wireless Networks for 2012.  Jie’s nomination, titled "Leveraging Multiple-antenna Access Points for Localisation and Wireless Security" was exemplary, championed by an expert panel of research scientists and distinguished engineers within Google who reviewed applications from across Europe.  Jie's primary research advisor is Dr Kyle Jamieson of UCL-CS.


On being awarded the Fellowship, Jie said: "It's a great honor to be awarded a Google Europ... [more]

Bill Langdon's letter published in ACM magazine

Bill Langdon, Senior Research Fellow at UCL-CS, has had a letter published in this month's issue of the ACM magazine. Essentially it is a probalistic take on the Halting Problem, which figured heavily in an article they did on Alan Turing in March.


The Halting Problem in the Clear Light of Probability, W. B. Langdon, Communications of the ACM, 2012, 55(6) page 6. See



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