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Sebastian Riedel wins Google Focused Research Award

Sebastian Riedel, Lecturer in the Intelligent Systems Group at UCL-CS, has been awarded a competitive Google Focused Research Award. The award was granted for his proposal on “Populating a Knowledge Base of Compositional Universal Schema.” In line with Google's recent efforts in moving from "strings to things", or from document collections to knowledge graphs, the projects aims at building rich and large-scale probabilistic knowledge bases of entities, relations, and events using matrix factorisation methods.


On receiving the award, Sebastian said: "I was honoured to be able to apply to thi... [more]

Larissa Romualdo Suzuki wins Intel award

Larissa Romualdo Suzuki, UCL-CS software engineering research student, is to be the recipient of Intel Doctoral Student Honor Programme award worth $35,000. Larissa will be attending the awards ceremony at the Europe Research and Innovation Conference (ERIC) in October.

Larissa is delighted to with the award:

"I expect that the next two years of my research agenda will provide a multitude of outputs and outcomes which will be relevant both to academia and software practice. With the help of this award I will attend relevant events, training, and present my research at leading international ... [more]

Fernando Brandao receives QIPC Young Investigator Award 2013

Fernando Brandao, lecturer at UCL Computer Science, has been awarded the 2013 European Quantum Information Young Investigator Award for his work on quantum information science. The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in quantum information science (both theoretical and experimental) by researchers less than 35 years old.

According to the prize announcement, the award was given to Dr. Brandao “for his highly appraised achievements in entanglement theory, quantum complexity theory, and quantum many-body physics, which combine dazzling mathematical ability and impressive physical insigh... [more]

New CS teaching technology at the Big Bang

On 3 & 4 July UCL-CS participated in the Big Bang – the UK’s biggest young scientists & engineers fair. Staff and students showed off our robots, our new Engduino Boards, which are an innovative teaching tool designed in the Department, and the Oculus Rift, pictured, which gave children the chance to see the future of virtual reality. Over 800 secondary school children attended and they all enjoyed their computer science experience. Thanks to Prof Mark Handley, Dr Graham Roberts, Rae Harbird, Sarah Clegg, Larissa Romualdo Suzuki and Steve Marchant for their help.

UCL software reveals Ulster’s forgotten history in fire-damaged book

Researchers from UCL have used specially designed software to digitise the Great Parchment book, a crucial historical text documenting the City of London’s role in 17th century Ulster that was previously unreadable for over 200 years due to fire damage.

A team from UCL Computer Science and UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, led by Dr Tim Weyrich, worked with LMA to capture 50 to 60 high resolution images of each page. Kazim Pal, a PhD student working on the project, then built software to generate a 3D model which allowed viewing of the damaged pages at archival resolution. A key feature of t... [more]

Chris Smith wins Google Fellowship

Chris Smith CS PhD student, has won a Google Fellowship (worth $60,000 per year, for 3 years) to carry out research in the area of data mining for development. In its 5th year, Google PhD Fellows from around the world are a select group recognized by Google researchers and their institutions as some of the most promising young academics in the world. Congratulations to Chris.

Chris describes is research as ‘data mining for development’.

‘The increasing ubiquity of computing devices in peoples’ lives and the rich data they produce suggest a novel approach to tackling these problems. In my Ph... [more]

Niloy Mitra wins ACM "Significant New Researcher" award

Photo of Niloy Mitra

Niloy Mitra has become one of this year's 5 recipients of a prestigious ACM SIGGRAPH award. SIGGRAPH is a special interest group of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - the world’s first and largest computing society. SIGGRAPH has evolved to become "an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques". Niloy has been chosen as this year's "Significant New Researcher".



SIGRAPH's citation for Niloy's award begins "ACM SIGGRAP... [more]

Niloy Mitra wins "Smart Geometry" ERC Grant (copy 1)

Photo of Niloy Mitra

Reader in Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Niloy Mitra has won an ERC Starting Grant of €1.5m for a project entitled "SmartGeometry: Structure-aware Geometry Processing". The project will last for 5 years.

Geometric data is now ubiquitous. The raw data, however, come in a low-level representation and beget little understanding of the underlying objects or physical processes. This is unfortunate since such data have significant redundancies as they often measure related entities. 

SmartGeometry will develop mathematical frameworks and computational tools to extract, represent, manip... [more]

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