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UCL-CS PhD students win first global RTB (Real-Time Bidding) algorithm competition

Media Futures Phd Students Weinan Zhang and Shuai Yuan have won the first global RTB bidding algorithm competition, which was organised by iPinYou, the largest real-time advertising platform in China.  In this season, data scientists from eight countries, including China, USA, UK, India and France, have participated in the competition and made over 2000 submissions.

The IPinYou global RTB (Real-Time Bidding, see here for more details) algorithm competition kicked off on April 1, 2013 and lasted for 9 months. The purpose of this competition is to further improve the performance of DSP bidding ... [more]

Students invited to design games

The CHI+MED project and UCL Interaction Centre invite teams of students to design a game that will be made freely available on Prizes will be awarded at the final showcase, including £1000 for first place, £500 for runner up and £500 for the people’s choice. Get started by registering here for our kick-off event, taking place on Feb 1st 2014 at UCL.

We’ll have a series of mini-talks by domain experts who will present perspectives that relate to key aspects of our research including: human error, blame culture and working within healthcare. We’ll also have an exciting session ... [more]

ACM Fellowships awarded to two UCL-Computer Science professors

Photo of the recipients

We are delighted to announce that two UCL Computer Science colleagues have been appointed to prestigious ACM Fellowships this year:

  • Ingemar Cox, Professor of Telecommunications, for contributions to computer vision, image retrieval, and digital watermarking; and
  • Stephen Robertson, Visiting Professor, for contributions to the theory and practice of information retrieval.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, to advance computing as a science and a profession.

ACM recognises its members for their contributions to computing t... [more]

£2.8million funding boost to track development from embryo to adult

Scientists from University College London, Manchester and the University of Cambridge have been awarded £2.8million for a collaborative project to help us learn more about how cells develop and form particular types of body tissue

The award is part of a £17.7million cash-injection by the BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) aimed at harnessing the power of bioscience and make significant impacts in health as well as agriculture, alternatives to fossil fuels, and using biology to produce important commercial products.

The research team will be using fruit fly embryo... [more]

Hackin' the City

Organised by the UCL Financial Industry Series, this year's Hackin' the City Winter Hackathon took place at Level39 Technology Accelerator in Canary Wharf. It provided a platform for the brightest Computer Science students in the country to pit their skills against each other in a round the clock Hackathon. A total of 32 students attended, including students from UCL, London School of

Economics, Newcastle University, Royal Holloway, Kings College London, and Imperial College London. We had a diverse selection of contestants from a range of academic backgrounds such as Computer Science, Physic... [more]

CS EngD VEIV Student shortlisted for Entrepreneurs Award

CS EngD VEIV Student Jozef Doboš has been shortlisted for Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award. The shortlisting is for Jozef's "3D Repo" work, a novel system for version control of 3D engineering models. The work has been supervised by Prof Anthony Steed.

The Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award "seeks to identify, encourage and reward young engineering researchers working in UK universities, in the broad field involving electro-technology". The Award "seeks to encourage innovation, meaning the emergence... [more]

UCL-CS Collaboration with Bayer on Crop Genomics

The Dessimoz Lab (GEE & CS) and Bayer CropScience NV (Ghent, Belgium) have initiated a collaboration on the development of new methods and resources to better characterise evolutionary and functional relationships between model plant genomes and agronomically-relevant crop genomes. The collaboration involves a jointly funded PhD student (Ivana Piližota, second from right) and a postdoctoral associate (Dr. Diana Coman Schmid, middle) funded by Bayer CropScience NV and the EU FP7 Plant Fellows programme. The kickoff meeting took place on Wednesday 6 Nov at UCL.

More info:
- Dessimoz lab: http://la... [more]

MSc SSE students and the "Lab of Things"

A group of MSc Software Systems Engineering students have carried out their summer industry project working for Microsoft Research's team on the "Lab of Things" (LoT) platform. This research platform makes it easy to deploy interconnected devices, intended for end user scenarios such multiple homes, workplaces and public services, based on the Internet of Things theory. It allows the sharing research data with other investigators, turning each scenario into a potential large-scale study.

The students have published their software for Microsoft Research, by developing an "analytics en... [more]

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