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USENIX ATC 2014 Best Paper Award

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Lynne Salameh and Astrit Zhushi, two PhD students in the Systems and Networks Research Group at UCL CS, have won the Best Paper Award at the USENIX ATC 2014 conference for their paper: Salameh, L., Zhushi, A., Handley, M., Jamieson, K., and Karp, B., "HACK: Hierarchical ACKs for Efficient Wireless Medium Utilization".

This work tackles a pressing problem in the building of high-speed WiFi networks. Continual improvements to WiFi's physical layer in principle support data transfer at ever-greater bit-rates. But for network applications that send data using the TCP protocol, which account for ... [more]

ACM MobiCom 2014 Best Presentation

Jon Gjengset, an MSc NCS postgraduate alum and former research staff in the Systems and Networking Research Group at UCL-CS, has won the Best Presentation award at the ACM MobiCom 2014 Conference in Maui, Hawaii, for his talk on a paper he co-authored, "Enabling Phased Array Signal Processing on Commodity WiFi Access Points".  Jon's talk can be found online at

Jon is now pursuing a PhD at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory under the supervision of Robert Morris.

Dr. Jun Wang wins Yahoo! PREP award

Among other 24 recipients worldwide, Dr. Jun Wang in the Media Futures group at UCL-CS has won the 2014 Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Program (FREP) award. 

The award was granted for his proposal on "Long-term Portfolio Optimisation and Game-Theoretic Analysis for Native Ads", an idea he introduced from finance to the display advertising field.  

Native Advertising is a new form of online advertising that blends online content and advertising (ad) seamlessly. Because of such naturally blending, it departs significantly from traditional display and sponsored search ads and provides a ... [more]

Media Futures Group research wins best paper award

A paper by Bowei Chen, Shuai Yuan, and Jun Wang has received Best Paper award at ADKDD 2014: The 8th International Workshop on Data Mining for Online Advertising, a premier venue for computational advertising. 

There are two major ways of selling impressions in display advertising. They are either sold in spot through auction mechanisms or in advance via guaranteed contracts. The former has achieved a significant automation via real-time bidding (RTB); however, the latter is still mainly done over the counter through direct sales. The paper, in the first time, proposes a mathematical model th... [more]

3Dami Summer School at UCL

This summer a group of 13-18 year old school students made 3D computer animated films in just seven days at the 3Dami Summer School (, hosted by UCL Department of Computer Science. 3Dami is an organisation founded to promote digital art amongst pre-university students, by linking them with each other and industry, and is supported by UCL Engineering. 3Dami’s entirely free Summer School annually welcomes applications and portfolios from hundreds of applications, after which this year twenty seven school students were selected to work in three teams. They were granted complete arti... [more]

UCL Engineering QuanTech exhibition

We recently hosted the UCL Engineering QuanTech project exhibition at Level 39 Incubator, Canary Wharf. It was an opportunity for major finance companies and experts to hear from our multi-discipline teams from software system engineering, risk management, quants, math, electrical and mechanical engineering specialties.  

Project topics included Big Data, CRM, HFT and derivative modelling, all of which are demanded by multinational companies, and are all examples of the architecture implemented by UCL gen-Y engineers.

The Faculty of Engineering at UCL is proud to run one of the most succes... [more]

Justyna Petke, Bill Langdon, Mark Harman win silver medal at GECCO 2014 Humies

CREST Research Associate Justyna Petke's work (in collaboration with Bill Langdon and Mark Harman from CREST and Wes Weimer from the University of Virginia) has won the silver medal at the GECCO 2014 Humies (for Human Competitive Results Using Genetic and Evolutionary Computation). Justyna's approach uses Genetic Improvement to automatically find new versions of the MiniSAT solver specialised and optimised for Combinatorial Interaction Testing (CIT). The work is described in the EuroGP 2014 paper "Using Genetic Improvement & Code Transplants to Specialise a C++ Program to a Problem Class ".

T... [more]

CS research wins best paper award

A paper by Nicolas Mellado and Niloy J. Mitra (of UCL-CS) and Dror Aiger (Google Inc.) has won "Best Paper" award at the Symposium on Geometry Processing, a premier venue for Geometry Processing.

The paper describes Super4PCS, an algorithm for the fast global registration of point-clouds via smart indexing.

This work has been developed in the context of large-scale scene acquisition, to register pairs of point-clouds in the same 3D frame by estimating their relative rotation and translation. Common approaches such as the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm requires input pose, while the... [more]

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