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Computer Science Spinout is a winner at UCL Business' Annual Summer Reception

A data science spinout from UCL Computer Science has received the UCLB One-to-Watch award 2016. Co-founded by the Department's Dr Jun Wang, Reader of Information Systems, MediaGamma has built an Audience Decision Engine, where the “Audience” are viewers of online ads.

The Decision Engine uses Machine Learning to provide information to digital ad trading platforms about the expected behaviour of a person potentially about to view that ad. This helps to inform the real-time decision-making process of the bidding algorithm as to whether or not to show a particular ad to a particular person.

The c... [more]

UCL at Microsoft's Research Faculty Summit

Microsoft is hosting its seventeenth annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington. This year the summit focuses on where and how computing can contribute to increasing productivity in professional and personal activities.

Dr Emiliano de Cristofaro, Senior Lecturer at UCL Computer Science and member of UCL's Information Security Research Group, has been invited to deliver a talk How to keep your Genome Secret, with XiaoQian Jiang, University of California-San Diego; and Kim Laine, Microsoft Research.

Over the last 10 years, the cost of sequencing the human genome has come do... [more]

Network Analytics explored in Science

UCL Computer Science's Nataša Pržulj, Professor of Biomedical Data Science, with Research Fellow Noël Malod-Dognin, have had a perspective paper published at Science, 'Network analytics in the age of big data'. See more at
We live in a complex world of inter-connected entities. In all areas of human endeavor, from biology to medicine, economics, and climate science, we are flooded with large-scale data sets. They describe intricate real-world systems from different and complementary viewpoints, with entities being modeled as nodes and their co... [more]

Computer Science staff & students featured in Women in STEM documentary

UCL Engineering academics, researchers and students are featured in the documentary supported by The Manufacturers’ Organisation EEF and led by photographer, Stephanie Smith. “Women in STEM: The New Generation of Engineers” is a project about women in the manufacturing and engineering industries featuring them at different stages of their career, research and studies; as well as their personal pathways into STEM careers. The project looks at photographing women at all stages from apprentices and students right through to line managers and CEOs - to show to girls and young women the diversity o... [more]

Computer Science examines the effect of immigration on wealth inequality

The recent surge in economic inequality, together with current immigration pressures, are among the most distressing social and economic issues of our times.

In a recently published paper 'To what extent does immigration affect inequality?' (Physica A 2016 written by Tomaso Aste, Professor of Complexity Science and Head of UCL's Financial Computing & Analytics Research Group, with Yonatan Berman of Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, the links between these two phenomena are investigated, and highlights that immigration does not have a major impact on ... [more]

Restored artefact joins the UNESCO Register of World Heritage

A project led by researchers at UCL has resulted in an artefact being granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

The Great Parchment Book of The Honourable The Irish Society has been likened to the Domesday Book, a great land survey of England from 1086. It will be honoured at UNESCO's UK Memory of the World awards in Cardiff. The event marks heritage collections of 'outstanding significance to the UK'.

Researchers from UCL including Professor Tim Weyrich, member of UCL’s Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group, and Professor Melissa Terras, Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humani... [more]

UCL Engineering's response to the EU Referendum Result

A message from The Provost

The outcome of the referendum is now known. While UCL did not take a formal position during the referendum campaign, I have given my personal view and you will have heard many other voices from the UCL community. The loss of EU membership will have a clear impact on universities such as UCL, particularly around the mobility of students and funding of research.

Today, more than ever, I want to reaffirm that UCL remains a global university through our outlook, people and enduring international partnerships. I also want in particular to address UCL’s staff and students... [more]

Anthony Finkelstein awarded CBE

UCL Computer Science congratulates Anthony Finkelstein, Professor of Software Systems Engineering and member of UCL's Software Systems Engineering Group, on receiving a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, announced on 11 June 2016.

Anthony's award is for services to Computer Science and Engineering; he was head of UCL Computer Science until 2010, before becoming Dean of UCL's Faculty of Engineering. In 2015 he took up a base for his research and scholarly work at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK National Institute for the Data Sciences.

Anthony is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of... [more]

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