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Undergraduates present at EHI Live Medical Technology Conference

UCL Computer Science students Henry Scott-Green, Alexander Gamble and Iustin Sibiescu recently travelled to Birmingham to present their software engineering project, Pathways, at the EHI Live medical technology conference.

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Payne and the Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS trust, a leader in the field of clinical oncology, Pathways is a product built to provide efficient information delivery to gastrointestinal cancer patients.

Before the development of Pathways, vital treatment information was delivered to patients via paper handouts, often unavailable during consultations and frequently misplaced by patients. Pathways replaces this paper-based system, providing a centralised online portal a patient can access from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Personalised treatment information on symptoms, radiotherapy,  chemotherapy, surgery, nutrition and test results can be securely accessed by every patient through their portal, reducing anxiety and increasing treatment satisfaction.

The third year undergraduate students were invited to present at the conference alongside Guy's and St. Thomas' clinicians Dr. Sarah Payne and Dr. Saira Chowdhury after being awarded the DUCO prize for the most outstanding second year undergraduate project. In addition to EHI Live, the largest medical technology conference in England, Pathways was presented by the clinical team at the National Cancer Research Institute oncology conference in Liverpool.

Both the UCL Computer Science students and NHS clinicians are enthusiastic about further development and patient trials of the application.

Posted 25 Nov 15 12:08