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Undergraduate 2nd Year Project Demonstrations with Industry

2nd Year BSc & MEng students recently presented their Systems Engineering projects to industry leaders at a specially organised presentation session. Industry partners from IBM, Microsoft and Facebook had front row seats and marked students on how their "Innovation Products" stood up to industry scrutiny. Our students worked hard over the year preparing new technology ideas and projects to address high priority use cases; such as:

  • energy analytics in homes
  • heads up display technologies in networked vehicles
  • occupancy testing in workplaces
  • bringing small businesses the benefits of cloud systems
  • automation and remote monitoring in care homes and hospitals
  • creating embedded interactive systems for schools and entertainment, and more.

At the end of the sessions our industry guests had the chance to network with students and then informally meet with them and the other companies attending. A closing presentation was also made by Prof Mark Harman, Head of Software Systems Engineering, to outline our current and upcoming research agendas. 

Pictured are Dean Mohamedally (UCL), Geoff Hughes (Microsoft UK), Tahir Khan (IBM UK), Bharat Bedi (IBM UK), Arjmand Samuel (Microsoft Research USA), Phil Cross (Microsoft UK), Graham Roberts (UCL) and Ruth McIntyre (Facebook UK/Ireland).

We are also delighted to announce that Geoff Hughes and Tahir khan have been given honorary research associate titles within the Department. We thank our guests for their support.

Posted 30 Apr 13 16:23