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UCL partnership to explore the future of 'Connected' Healthcare

Nuffield Health has announced a partnership with UCL Faculty of Engineering to study and strongly evidence the social and economic benefits of connected healthcare – a process that brings together inputs, delivery, diagnostics, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion.

Alan Payne, Chief Digital and Information Officer commented: “Nuffield Health is a unique organisation that brings health and wellbeing together through our network of hospitals and fitness & wellbeing centres. We see connected healthcare as a natural foundation for the future of how we deliver health services through a continuum of care to the people of the UK. At its core, connected healthcare improves access, efficiency and quality which lead to better outcomes for our members and patients.”

The multi-year research programme will focus on leveraging the joint expertise of Nuffield Health and UCL delivering research results and a real-world evidence base that enhances understanding of connected healthcare.

“We live in an age where technology allows us to gather and share information quickly and easily. What we don’t always see is that capability transferring to the maximal benefit of patients. This research initiative aims to quantify the benefits of healthcare being viewed as an everyday matter in all aspects of our lives, not just something we address when things go wrong,” said Alan.

The collaboration will allow UCL students to undertake projects and internships with Nuffield Health, augmenting their education through real-world projects while simultaneously enriching Nuffield Health employees with access to UCL’s advanced research techniques.

Jane Butler, Vice Dean from University College London said: “We are extremely excited about working with Nuffield Health on the future of connected healthcare. Our students and staff can bring a wealth of research knowledge and outcomes to the understanding and adoption of connected healthcare. By partnering with Nuffield Health we will be undertaking transformational projects changing the lives of many”

Data from all projects undertaken as part of the partnership will be published and used to help educate on the implications of healthcare integration.

The partnership commences with a study into how health and fitness data gathered from elite sporting performance could be used to improve the health of the general population.  


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About Nuffield Health:

· Nuffield Health provides access to more than 10,000 health experts through our
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· We are the UK’s leading employee health and wellbeing provider and work with more than 60% of the FTSE 100

· Our nationwide network of physiotherapists is the largest in the UK outside of the NHS

· As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest everything back into the organisation to improve our facilities and services and provide public health education

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Posted 12 Apr 16 17:18