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UCL-CS to host CS50 Hackathon

"A CS50 Hackathon is an epic late-nighter during which students may dive into a problem set or final project alongside classmates and staff (and food and photos and fun)".

"This hackathon will be an epic opportunity for CS50x students, CS50 AP teachers, and UCL students to dive into any problem set or project alongside classmates, some of CS50's staff from Harvard, and UCLU TechSoc's team."

The event is a great opportunity for students to join a one-day educational hackathon to learn more about computer science, work alongside classmates and dive into problem  sets.   

The hackathon will be held at Jeffrey Hall, IoE from 12 noon to 6pm. The welcome speech will be given by John Shawe-Taylor and David Malan (professor from Harvard) at around 12.15 o’clock.

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Posted 24 May 16 07:52