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UCL at Droidcon

On 25 and 26 October UCL Advances, with UCL Engineering, will be taking a stand at Droidcon. Droidcon is part of a worldwide movement to expose the best of Android. It covers all things Android, from mobile devices, to TV, to cars, to gaming, and so much more.

We’ll be there to raise the profile of all the support UCL Advances can offer to tech start ups and SMEs and to promote the fantastic opportunities for under-graduate and post-graduate students studying Computer Science at UCL.  We are proud that UCL is the first UK university to include app development as part of core curriculum programming teaching for ALL its Computer Science courses.  We’ll be showcasing some great Apps developed by current UCL students.

As various companies sell apps by the billions globally, software developers are approaching the field of apps as an increasingly foundational and key skill for software engineering. It demonstrates the ability to work with finely tuned software engineering problems, linking to existing data systems and produce unique technology that can be used on-the-go to collect, share and disseminate information.

UCL-CS is already preparing its students for the demands of the market place. The software engineering lifecycle of apps development is now included in our teaching for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Computer Science, Financial Computing, Software Systems Engineering and Financial Systems Engineering Master’s programmes. It will also be extended into many more teaching programmes.

UCL-CS is a global leader in research in experimental computer science.  Throughout its history UCL-CS has had a big impact on the European computing landscape – notably, establishing the first connection to the precursor of the Internet outside the United States. We continue to create innovative technologies that change lives with computers. We continue to change the world.

Posted 25 Oct 12 09:23