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Team of UCL undergrads win Facebook AI Research award

A team of Computer Science Undergraduates and researchers have won award from Facebook AI Research for work presented at the RepEval 2016 workshop. The project, led by Pontus Stenetorp, Research Associate, uses an enjoyable language-based game to collect linguistic annotations and also to introduce a novel way to evaluate AIs that communicate using natural language.

Congratulations to the student team comprised of Iuliana-Elena Parasca, Andreas Lukas Rauter, Jack Roper and Aleksandar Rusinov; and thanks to and Guillaume Bouchard and Sebastian Riedel for their input too.

The project was part of the Undergraduate COMP3095/3096 Research Group Project, which aims to give students exposure to cutting edge research undertaken in the department and to enhance student awareness of the range of research taking place in Computer Science. Students work in groups to conduct a research project and produce a report/paper presenting their results, under the supervision of one of the departments’ research groups.    

The project is written up at

Posted 01 Sep 16 11:19