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Sebastian Riedel wins Google Focused Research Award

Sebastian Riedel, Lecturer in the Intelligent Systems Group at UCL-CS, has been awarded a competitive Google Focused Research Award. The award was granted for his proposal on “Populating a Knowledge Base of Compositional Universal Schema.” In line with Google's recent efforts in moving from "strings to things", or from document collections to knowledge graphs, the projects aims at building rich and large-scale probabilistic knowledge bases of entities, relations, and events using matrix factorisation methods.


On receiving the award, Sebastian said: "I was honoured to be able to apply to this invite-only call, and of course even more so to receive the award. The award will not only give me the opportunity to hire a research associate that will help me with this research, but also provide me with access to Google resources and enable me to attend Google knowledge discovery workshops with other leading researchers in the field."


Google coverage on the award can be found here.

Posted 15 Jul 13 09:00