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Saving Bletchley Park: out on 17 March

Saving Bletchley Park, by Sue Black, Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL Computer Science, is released tomorrow (17 March 2016). See

Imagine a Britain where the most important sites of historical significance are replaced with housing estates and supermarkets. Imagine a Britain without Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and a team of code-breakers changed the course of World War II and where thousands of women inspired future generations with their work in the fields of computing and technology. 

Now imagine a group of extraordinary people, who – 70 years after the birth of the modern computer at Bletchley Park – used technology to spark a social media campaign that helped secure its future and transform it into the world-class heritage and education centre it deserves to be.

This is the story of how hundreds of people dedicated 20 years of hard work and determination to saving Bletchley Park. It is also the story of the thousands of remarkable men and women who worked tirelessly and in secret throughout WWII to save the UK from invasion.

Posted 16 Mar 16 14:03