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Peter Kirstein joins Internet Hall of Fame

Photo of Peter Kirstein

Professor Peter Kirstein

At an event in Geneva last week the Internet Society launched its Internet Hall of Fame.

Amongst the 10 individuals honoured as the Pioneers of the Internet was UCL-CS Professor Peter Kirstein. Peter launched the first European ARPANET node with transatlantic IP connectivity. On July 25, 1973 this node passed its first data packets between London and the Information Sciences Institute in California, USA. This is believed to have been the first instance of an international, general purpose, heterogeneous computer network.

Peter has been involved ever since with European and transatlantic collaborations on IP networking research. Most of the collaborations have been with both industrial and academic partners. Amongst these activities are developments in multimedia, network management, directory and security applications, and piloting them in the Research Community in Europe and elsewhere.

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Posted 02 May 12 07:50