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Niloy Mitra wins "Smart Geometry" ERC Grant (copy 1)

Photo of Niloy Mitra

Niloy Mitra

Reader in Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Niloy Mitra has won an ERC Starting Grant of €1.5m for a project entitled "SmartGeometry: Structure-aware Geometry Processing". The project will last for 5 years.

Geometric data is now ubiquitous. The raw data, however, come in a low-level representation and beget little understanding of the underlying objects or physical processes. This is unfortunate since such data have significant redundancies as they often measure related entities. 

SmartGeometry will develop mathematical frameworks and computational tools to extract, represent, manipulate, and utilize relations among massive collections of 3D models. The grand goal of this proposal is to lay foundations of structure-aware geometry processing where computationally extracted geometric relations and constraints are automatically conformed to with potentially far-reaching implications in a range of disciplines like science, engineering, medicine, and product design.



Posted 25 Jun 13 18:27