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MSc SSE students and the "Lab of Things"

A group of MSc Software Systems Engineering students have carried out their summer industry project working for Microsoft Research's team on the "Lab of Things" (LoT) platform. This research platform makes it easy to deploy interconnected devices, intended for end user scenarios such multiple homes, workplaces and public services, based on the Internet of Things theory. It allows the sharing research data with other investigators, turning each scenario into a potential large-scale study.

The students have published their software for Microsoft Research, by developing an "analytics engine" to scrutinize data collected from experiments and research applications running on the LoT. The engine permits easy integration of data from other embedded platforms and facilitates analysis (R, Hadoop etc.) of the collected sensor data through a simple user interface.

The students' work has been featured on the Microsoft Research Connections blog.

The Internet of Things is a growing research area in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering communities, with a large number of companies researching ways to align and integrate their hardware and software within the world of ubiquitous sensors today. It enables us to quickly refer to uniquely classify, access and manage identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure.



Posted 28 Oct 13 09:59