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Microsoft UK, JP Morgan & MSc SSE/FSE mid-project assessments

UCL's MSc Software Systems Engineering (SSE) students were kindly hosted by Microsoft UK in Reading to give mid-project feedback on the students dissertation projects. The projects were presented by each group followed by a Q & A session with Microsoft. Microsoft UK have officially supported the MSc SSE projects this year with technical assistance from a number of their developer and research groups, including MSR Cambridge and the Visual Studio Team. UCL are proud to announce a number of these projects use the latest Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8 apps development.


The same mid-project feedback was conducted for our MSc Financial Systems Engineering (FSE) students, kindly hosted by JP Morgan in Canary Wharf. It was attended by senior technical members from Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Markit and JP Morgan. Both Dr Dean Mohamedally and Donald Lawrence are very grateful for all of those companies support and commitment in partnership forming with UCL.


Both cohort groups represented UCL well and gained sound industry advice. This included milestone cycles for deliverables, reporting change management and handover expectations for their projects to their respective clients. This knowledge domain for software engineers is coupled to their specific industries and as such was invaluable coming from these top companies.


The final presentations of this year's MSc SSE and FSE projects will be on the afternoon of September 7th, and members of those companies will be attending UCL to see the presentations. All UCL Computer Science academics are welcome.




Posted 30 Jul 12 15:19