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Larissa Romualdo Suzuki wins Intel award

Larissa Romualdo Suzuki, UCL-CS software engineering research student, is to be the recipient of Intel Doctoral Student Honor Programme award worth $35,000. Larissa will be attending the awards ceremony at the Europe Research and Innovation Conference (ERIC) in October.

Larissa is delighted to with the award:

"I expect that the next two years of my research agenda will provide a multitude of outputs and outcomes which will be relevant both to academia and software practice. With the help of this award I will attend relevant events, training, and present my research at leading international academic conferences in my field of study that is software engineering, urban informatics and smart cities. This award will definitely allow me to further develop my PhD research and help me to reach my personal goal which is to become world-class professional in software engineering with a rigorous devotion to excellence."

Posted 09 Jul 13 09:23