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Fugue participates in "State of Mind" Expo

The Fugue project presented its work at the "State of Mind: A Consciousness Expo" which took place in Brighton on July 30th. 

The Expo showcased the latest developments in the science of consciousness and took place just before the academic meeting of the association for the scientific study of consciousness (ASSC16).

Fugue project, led by Gordana Novakovic  is an on-going project which provides a new way of communicating complex scientific ideas to any audience.

Gordana says "Your brain is not the only complex and intelligent system in your body – there’s also your immune system. It’s on duty 24 hours a day, sensing danger, learning how best to fight invaders, and deploying multilayered defences against them for decades to come. What’s more, the emerging science of psycho-neuro-immunology is beginning to show how your immune system is linked to your brain and your self, offering possible pathways for treating illness that as yet are little understood by science. So your unconscious is already in touch with your immune system – but what would it be like if you could feel its actions and rhythms consciously?"

Posted 06 Jul 12 08:05