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Dr Peter Bentley to talk at TEDxUCL

Computer Science's Dr Peter Bentley will be talking at TEDxUCL event on 3 June, at the UCL Bloomsbury Campus. This is very first TEDx event to be organized at UCL, featuring UCL talent which includes both staff and students at UCL.

sevitcepsrep” – is that a typo? a foreign word? a city? a medical term? – It could be anything you want it to be, depending on how you look at it!

Caught up in a world where rapid speed dominates everyday life, one only has time to digest information that is presented to us, but rarely do we have the time to take up further inspection, to challenge what has been presented to us, to push the boundaries of what is defined to be real – to look at something in a completely new way. Inspired from the Latin word ‘perspicere’ which means to inspect carefully, TEDxUCL with the theme ‘Perspectives’ aims to stop time, and challenge each person to view the world with different glasses on – each showing us a different dimension we might have never considered before.

Figured out “sevitcepsrep” yet?- if you look at it backwards, it simply reads – Perspectives… 

Posted 18 May 12 08:30