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Bio-Inspired Robotics Summer School success

As part of the week-long celebrations for UK National Robotics Week, UCL Computer Science, led by Professor Steve Hailes and Dr Rae Harbird, hosted a Bio-Inspired Robotics Summer School.

Year 12 school students from local London schools had the opportunity to use their creativity and ingenuity to design and build robots that can jump, walk and slither. They were taught by world-leading experts in the field of robotics from academia and industry; and were encouraged to think about issues around functionality, autonomy, intelligence, control and structures of bio-inspired robots and experiment with materials, sensors and tools.

By the end of the summer school, the girls could teach their robot to navigate through its environment and cooperate with other robots to achieve a common goal, and move and adapt like living creatures and harness the power of self-organisation.

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Posted 28 Jun 17 14:56