Note: UCL has stopped accepting any new applications for this programme, as UCL will not be a partner of the EIT Digital Master School after 2018.

For further information, please contact EIT Digital Master School.

UCL is a partner in this European initiative – the EIT Digital Master School’s programmes in ICT Innovation!

The EIT Digital Master School offers two year programmes where you can choose two universities in two different European countries to build a curriculum of your choice based on your skills and interest. We offer double degrees, which combines technical competence with a set of skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. While you get an excellent theoretical education, you also get the opportunity to work with European top research institutes and leading business partners.



Availability: Full-time 2 years

The first year is taken in another partner institute in Europe.

The second year can be taken at UCL for either the technical major Human-Computer Interaction and Design or the technical major Digital Media Technology

This two year dual masters degree has an overall credit value of 120 ECTS.

Core Modules

 Technical Major: Human-Computer Interaction and Design

  • Interaction Science - (Term 1)
  • *Either Affective Interaction - (Term 2)
  • **or Affective Computing and Human-robot Interaction - (Term 2)
  • Business Feasibility Planning (I & E Thesis) - (Term 2)
  • Master's Thesis - (Term 2 + 3 + Summer)

Technical Major: Digital Media Technology

  • Virtual Environments - (Term 1)
  • Acquisition and Processing of 3D Geometry - (Term 2)
  • Computational Photography and Capture - (Term 2)
  • Business Feasibility Planning (I & E Thesis) - (Term 2)
  • Master's Thesis - (Term 2 + 3 + Summer)


 Technical Major: Human-Computer Interaction and Design

 * if you choose to take PSYCGI15 Choose one modules from:-

  • Physical Computing & Prototyping - (Term 2)
  • Human Factors for Digital Health - (subject to space and lecturer approval) - (Term 2)
  • Sociotechnical Systems: IT and the Future of Work - (Term 2)
  • Future Interfaces - (Term 2)
  • Persuasive Games - (subject to space and lecturer approval) - (Term 2)
  • Accessibility & Assistive Technologies - (Term 2)

Technical Major: Digital Media Technology

Choose one module from:-

  • Machine Vision - (Term 1)
  • Geometry of Images - (Term 2)
  • Image Processing - (Term 1)
  • Computational Modelling for Biomedical Imaging - (Term2)
  • Multimedia Systems - (Term 2)
  • Network and Application Programming - (Term 2)
  • Interaction Design - (Term 2)
  • Professional Practice - (Term 2)


All MSc students undertake a minor thesis and a master's thesis, in collaboration with an external partner. For the master's thesis, students will spend at least two months in the external partner's environment.

Teaching and Learning

The programme is delivered through a combination of lectures, discussions, practical sessions, case studies, problem-based learning and project work. Assessment is through coursework assignments, unseen examinations and the two thesis projects.