Quick link to MPEB lab timetables, updated weekly during term-time. Please note that the quick link to these will only appear during term time.


The academic year starts on Monday 26 September 2016 and timetables are accessed via the UCL online timetable web page. Each week in the timetable has a corresponding number. Week number 1 is the week each year which contains the 1st of September, so Induction Week is week 5 and the teaching timetable begins in week 6. Once you have accessed a timetable you use the 'change display' tab to filter to a single week, a whole term or the whole year.

There are several different ways you can access the information within the system:

1. Your Personal Timetable

To access your personal timetable you need to log in to the online timetable with your UCL userid and password. Your personal timetable displays the modules you are registered for in Portico. Students are automatically registered for modules compulsory to their programme so you will be able to view these in your timetable straight away. Your option choices will only appear in your personal timetable once you have registered for them in Portico. There is a link from the 'select your modules' screen to the timetable, so you can check that your option choices do not clash with your compulsory modules before you select them. Once you select and confirm your options in Portico, they will appear in your timetable the following day. If a module selection is rejected or deleted in Portico, it will be removed from your timetable the following day.

Each event that appears in your timetable has a listed type, e.g. 'lecture', 'practical', 'problem based learning'. You should attend ALL lectures. Where you are automatically assigned to a smaller group such as a practical or problem class by the department, only the group you have been assigned to will appear in your personal timetable. Until you have been allocated to a particular group, you will be able to see all the groups.

Modules where students will be automatically assigned to groups are as follows:

  • COMP101P Principles of Programming (Lab A-E)
  • COMP102P Theory I (Problem Class 1 or 2)
  • COMP103P Object Oriented Programming (Lab A-E)
  • COMP105P Robotics Programming (Lab A-E)
  • COMPGC01 Programming (Lab A, B or C)
  • COMPGC02 Apps Design (Lab A, B or C)

If you find that the group you have been assigned to clashes with one of your option choices, please see the Computer Science Teaching and Learning Manager in room 5.22 Malet Place Engineering Building, to change groups.

For Computer Science modules not listed above, there may be multiple practicals and problem classes that you can attend at any of the times listed. For these modules, ALL practicals and problem classes associated with each will appear in your personal timetable. You may not need to attend all of them, so please make sure you take a careful note of any arrangements for labs and problem classes that your lecturer announces at the first lecture for each module.

2. Custom Timetable

You can use the custom timetable tool to check where potential option choices are timetabled.

To access the custom timetable go to You need to know the full module name or code to find a timetable for it - full instructions are available on the UCL timetable page.

3. Degree Programme Timetables

You can access degree programme timetables from

4. Exam and Revision timetables

  • The Revision Lecture timetable is produced by Computer Science and will be available in March 2017.
  • The Examination timetable is produced by the UCL Examinations Office and will be made available via Portico in mid-late March 2017.

5. Maps and locations of teaching rooms


Please click here to access timetables of induction activities, most of which take place in the week commencing Monday 26 September 2016. Please contact your programme administrator for any queries.