COMP0105 Financial Institutions and Markets

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Financial Institutions and Markets



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1819/A7U/T1/COMP0105 Masters (MEng)

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1819/A7P/T1/COMP0105 Postgraduate

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Masters (MEng)

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Phelan, Carolyn


Phelan, Carolyn

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Ball, Louisa


The module exposes participants to an overview of the financial information sector and interaction with global financial markets, which constitute an important application domain of computer science in the southeast UK as well as main global financial centers.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  1. Understand the function of financial information systems in the context of the broad structure of public and private sector banks, asset managers, brokers, regulators, exchanges, clearing houses, and infrastructure utilities. All together this eco-system supports the effective and liquid global financial market place.
  2. Have an overview of the dynamics, key inter-dependencies and comparative advantages between issuer, intermediary and investor.
  3. Understand the different motivations of stakeholders, and how participants navigate market, credit, operational, liquidity and reputation risk in order to maximize risk adjusted returns.
  4. Examine the impact of e-commerce, information technology and smart-sourcing of empirical analysis, price discovery, best execution, confirmation, affirmation, settlement, and risk within exchange and off-exchange markets.
  5. Become familiar with market cause and effect enabling more effective and credible interaction with industry professionals to optimize comprehension of business requirements.
  6. Understand the significance of historic/current cyclical trends enabling participants to apply the knowledge gained in communication and collaboration with management in the financial services domain.

Availability and prerequisites

This module delivery is available for selection on the below-listed programmes. The relevant programme structure will specify whether the module is core, optional, or elective.

In order to be eligible to select this module as optional or elective, where available, students must meet all prerequisite conditions to the satisfaction of the module leader. Places for students taking the module as optional or elective are limited and will be allocated according to the department’s module selection policy.

Programmes on which available:

  • MEng Computer Science (International Programme) (year 4)
  • MEng Computer Science (year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (International Programme) (year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (year 4)


In order to be eligible to select this module, students must have an understanding of the fundamental macroeconomics and software services.


  • Exter’s inverted pyramid.
  • Public and private sector institutional participants.
  • Overview of consumer, corporate and investment banking financial services.
  • The factors affecting economic cycles and financial institution risk adjusted returns.
  • Time value of money, discounting, nominal and effective yield measurement.
  • Capital equilibrium between issuer and investor.
  • Capital market valuation and measurement.
  • Roles, responsibilities and controls of deal makers, processing and technical staff.
  • Market, credit, operational and liquidity risk; stress testing.
  • Compliance and regulation.
  • Cash and derivative instruments, transaction services, and advisory.

A reading list is available on


The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, written and programming exercises, project work and self-directed learning.


This module delivery is assessed as below:



Weight (%)



Written examination (2hrs 30mins)




Coursework 1




Coursework 2



In order to pass this Module Delivery, students must:

  • achieve an overall weighted Module mark of at least 50.00%;

AND, when taken as part of MEng Computer Science and MEng Mathematical Computation:

  • achieve a mark of at least 40.00% in any Components of assessment weighed ≥ 30% of the module.

Where a Component comprises multiple Assessment Tasks, the minimum mark applies to the overall component.