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COMP0104 Tools and Environments

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Tools and Environments



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1819/A7U/T1/COMP0104 Masters (MEng)

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1819/A7P/T1/COMP0104 Postgraduate

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Masters (MEng)

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Krinke, Jens


Krinke, Jens

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Ball, Louisa


The module will train students in the principles and application of software tools and environments. The module will cover the fundamental practices that one would expect from any software professional one would want to hire. It will also offer an introduction into research on analysing software and extracting information from software repositories. The module is based on decades of experience, including the latest thinking on software process and analysis.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  1. understand the nature and variety of software tools and environments that are available for achieving software engineering tasks.
  2. select appropriate tools and environments for the task at hand and to apply the tools and environments to achieve the task.
  3. understand and appreciate current research directions in analyzing software and repositories.

Availability and prerequisites

This module delivery is available for selection on the below-listed programmes. The relevant programme structure will specify whether the module is core, optional, or elective.

In order to be eligible to select this module as optional or elective, where available, students must meet all prerequisite conditions to the satisfaction of the module leader. Places for students taking the module as optional or elective are limited and will be allocated according to the department’s module selection policy.

Programmes on which available:

  • MEng Computer Science (International Programme) (Year 4)
  • MEng Computer Science (Year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (International Programme) (Year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (Year 4)


To be eligible to select this module, students must have:

  • passed MEng Computer Science (Years 1 and 2) at UCL; or
  • passed MEng Mathematical Computation (Years 1 and 2) at UCL


  • Version and Configuration Management
  • Build and Integration Tools
  • Debugging and Profiling Tools
  • Software Analysis
  • Code Audit
  • Mining Repositories

An indicative reading list is available via


The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, written and programming exercises, and project work.


This module delivery is assessed as below:



Weight (%)



Written examination (2hrs 30mins)




Individual coursework (including 2 peer assessments)




Group report


Replaced with an individual report for Late Summer Assessment.

In order to pass this Module Delivery, students must:

  • achieve an overall weighted Module mark of at least 50.00%;

AND, when taken as part of MEng Computer Science and MEng Mathematical Computation:

  • achieve a mark of at least 40.00% in any Components of assessment weighed ≥ 30% of the module.

Where a Component comprises multiple Assessment Tasks, the minimum mark applies to the overall component.