COMP0101 Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture

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Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture



Module delivery

1819/A7U/T1/COMP0101 Masters (MEng)

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1819/A7P/T1/COMP0101 Postgraduate

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Masters (MEng)

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Module leader

Letier, Emmanuel


Letier, Emmanuel

Module administrator

Ball, Louisa


The module will train students in the fundamental principles and latest techniques in systems requirements engineering and software architecture.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn how to discover, model, analyse and communicate requirements for software intensive systems and how to design, evaluate and communicate software architecture that meet these requirements. The emphasis will be on developing the students' modelling skills and their ability to communicate requirements and architectures with clarity and precision to business stakeholders and software developers.

Availability and prerequisites

This module delivery is available for selection on the below-listed programmes. The relevant programme structure will specify whether the module is core, optional, or elective.

In order to be eligible to select this module as optional or elective, where available, students must meet all prerequisite conditions to the satisfaction of the module leader. Places for students taking the module as optional or elective are limited and will be allocated according to the department’s module selection policy.

Programmes on which available:

  • MEng Computer Science (International Programme) (Year 4)
  • MEng Computer Science (Year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (International Programme) (Year 4)
  • MEng Mathematical Computation (Year 4)


In order to be eligible to select this module, students must have strong knowledge and practical experience of software engineering, at least equivalent to FHEQ Level 5 (Undergraduate Year 3.)


System Requirements Engineering

Goal-oriented requirements engineering, requirements engineering in agile projects.

Software Architecture

Architecture modelling, architectural styles, quality requirements.

An indicative reading list is available via


The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, self-directed learning, and group work. Each week, students will be given a concrete problem to solve and materials to read to help them solve it. The problem solutions and reading materials will be discussed in class, followed by additional lectures summarising fundamental principles discovered while solving the problems. The second part of the module will require students to work in groups to solve a case study, write a short report and present their work.


This module delivery is assessed as below:



Weight (%)



Written examination (2hrs 30mins)







In order to pass this Module Delivery, students must:

  • achieve an overall weighted Module mark of at least 50.00%;

AND, when taken as part of MEng Computer Science and MEng Mathematical Computation:

  • achieve a mark of at least 40.00% in any Components of assessment weighed ≥ 30% of the module.

Where a Component comprises multiple Assessment Tasks, the minimum mark applies to the overall component.