COMP0022 Database and Information Management Systems

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Database and Information Management Systems



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1819/A7P/T2/COMP0022 Postgraduate

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1819/A6U/T2/COMP0022 Undergraduate

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Term 2

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Dowell, John


Dowell, John

Roberts, Graham

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Awad, Elizabeth


This module builds on the introduction to relational databases course in Systems Infrastructure (COMP0069). It covers fundamental techniques used by the database management systems for managing transactions with the database, for optimising queries on the database, and for managing distributed databases. It then covers contemporary strategies in databases at scale including data warehousing, data mining and online analytic processing. It also covers recent and emerging trends in database technologies relating to semi-structured and un-structured data. Technologies for building web-facing databases are a particular focus for the module. The coursework is an interesting group project lasting the duration of the term and building an operational database system using very contemporary technologies.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  1. understand the methods and technologies involved in database and information management systems
  2. have competence with creating web facing database systems;
  3. understand application issues and current trends in database technologies.

Availability and prerequisites

This module delivery is available for selection on the below-listed programmes. The relevant programme structure will specify whether the module is core, optional, or elective.

In order to be eligible to select this module as optional or elective, where available, students must meet all prerequisite conditions to the satisfaction of the module leader. Places for students taking the module as optional or elective are limited and will be allocated according to the department’s module selection policy.

Programmes on which available:

  • MSc Computational Finance
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Data Science for Research in Health and Biomedicine (and PGDip/Cert)


In order to be eligible to select this module, student must have taken in Term 1: Systems Infrastructure (COMP0069).


  • The database management system
  • Transaction Management
  • Query processing
  • Distributed databases
  • Database implementation
  • Data warehousing
  • OLAP and Data mining
  • Semi structured data and new data models

An indicative reading list is available via


The module is delivered through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, face to face lectures, and lab sessions supporting an extended group programming project.


This module delivery is assessed as below:



Weight (%)



Written examination (2hrs)




Group project


Late summer assessment would be by an individual assignment.

In order to pass this module delivery, students must achieve an overall weighted module mark of 50%.